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Tips for Organizing Your Office Desk

computer desk san jose caYour computer desk in San Jose is the place where many of your most important professional decisions and transactions take place. To perform at your best, you must have an office desk that supports your daily needs. These suggestions for how to make your desk work for you can make each day a more fulfilling and productive one.

Reexamine Your Layout

Take a look at the items on your desk. Is your current layout maximizing your workplace efficiency? For instance, if your computer sits too close or too far from your office chair, you might be constantly adjusting your posture to accommodate for its distance. Instead, readjust your computer so that it sits approximately a foot and a half from your chair. You should also consider whether your phone is in an optimal spot or if your files constantly get knocked to the floor because of their placement on your computer table.

Keep All Your Supplies Within Reach

How difficult is it for you to grab your phone or pen when you need it? Even if you have a clean desk layout, it may not be conducive to your needs. All items that you regularly use should be in easy reach. Not only can this one step improve your workflow, but also it can reduce the risk of back strain. Instead of moving their bodies to reach a distant object, many people overextend their backs to grab the item in question. You can prevent back pain by moving your desk supplies closer to your body.

Minimize Decorative Elements

Many people find it comforting to add a personal element or two to their desks. While a picture of your family or a favorite knickknack may be suitable, if you overwhelm your computer table with decorations, they can easily get in the way of your workplace activities. Par down your personal belongings, and you might find that you have an easier time navigating your desk. The same tip applies to rarely used office supplies. Unless you need a particular item everyday, place it in a file or storage cabinet.

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