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Blog Posts in August, 2015

Top Styles of Office Desks

Picking out the right office furniture in San Jose, such as a desk, is important to help you enjoy your workspace. Not only should you be looking for a nice design aesthetic, but for functionality as ...
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Practicing Good Posture at Your Desk

Back, shoulder and neck pain is common among people who work at desks in San Jose. Fortunately, there are a few simple precautions you can take to protect your back while working. In order to help you ...
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A Look at Standing Workstations

Spending your days sitting at a desk in San Jose can lead to ongoing back, shoulder, and neck pain. Sitting in a desk chair can also lead to excess weight gain if it is not counter-balanced. Watch ...
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How To Optimize Your Work Space

Today, most people spend the majority of their week sitting at their desks in San Jose. Sitting all day, every day, is not good for one’s health or quality of life. Fortunately, knowing how to ...
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The Proper Way to Sit at a Desk

If you spend even a few hours sitting at an office desk each day, you should ensure that you’re sitting properly. This will help you avoid stiffness, aches, pains, and joint and muscle problems. ...
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