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Practicing Good Posture at Your Desk

office desks san jose ca Back, shoulder and neck pain is common among people who work at desks in San Jose. Fortunately, there are a few simple precautions you can take to protect your back while working. In order to help you maintain a healthy back at your workspace, read on to learn how to practice good posture at your desk.

Proper Monitor Placement

When you are working at your desk all day, it is important that your computer monitor is placed correctly. The goal is to not have to move your eyes in order to see the whole screen. This can be achieved by making sure the top of your monitor is in line with your eyes; also, be sure to just tilt the screen up a bit. This will allow your head to stay in proper alignment, which can save your shoulders and neck from pain.

Proper Arm Placement

Placing your arms correctly at your desk will allow you to keep your good posture. Sit so that you are a foot or so away from the computer screen and place your arms at your sides. Keeping your elbows at a 90-degree angle when typing will allow your forearms to stay in place while you work.

Proper Seating

Having the right desk chair is necessary to help keep a strong, upright posture while you are in your workspace. Keeping your lower back supported with a good backrest can help you to prevent back pain. To prevent yourself from slouching in your chair, keep your pelvis forward and sit a couple inches closer to your desk.

Proper Footing Placement

Properly placing both of your feet on the ground will allow you to sit upright, while allowing your shoulders and neck to relax. If you are used to working cross-legged, be aware that it is best if you can break this habit, as it can easily lead to slouching. The more prone you are to slouching, the more prone you may be to back pain.

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