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Comparing Different Styles of Desks

office furniture san jose caIf you are in the market for office furniture in San Jose, you probably have already realized that not all desks are the same. A desk (and desk chair) are essential for any office. Whether you work from home part-time, are planning a family computer room, or are investing in office furniture for your office at work, it is important to get the best desk for your budget and needs. Continue reading to compare corner desks, L-shaped desks, and credenzas and find out which desk may be right for you.

Corner Desk

If you are working out of a smaller office or incorporating a desk into a multi-purpose space in your home, a corner desk may be right for you. A corner desk can easily fit into a cubicle in a large workplace, providing individual employees with the space they need for a computer, keyboard, and writing surface. A corner desk is also great for a difficult room angle or to provide a smaller work surface in your home’s kitchen or living room. The downside of a corner desk is that there is less screen privacy than with a large L-shaped or U-shaped desk.

L-Shaped Desk

If you have a large office or big corner space, consider investing in an L-shaped desk. L-shaped desks provide much more space than a traditional corner desk, allowing you to divide your desk space between computer activities and a separate work surface. An L-shaped desk also generally provides substantial drawer space and shelving so you can store office supplies and books.

Credenza Desk

Also called simply a credenza, this desk serves as a secondary work surface that generally accompanies a computer table. A credenza desk is generally placed against the wall immediately behind or beside the main desk, allowing a user to swivel his or her office chair to access the table top. A credenza may also be used simply to hold books or files or to serve as a small meeting area. In that case, it is usually flanked by office chairs on both sides.

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