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Are Cubicles Right for Your Workspace?

cubicles in san joseIf you’re a business owner, you’ve probably already learned that cubicles are a polarizing topic. Some people love to feel as though they have the extra privacy and soundproofing options that a cubicle affords, while others feel cramped and alienated from their co-workers. If you’re considering cubicles in San Jose, discuss the pros and cons with your employees first.

Cubicles offer employees a quieter workspace with fewer distractions. This can allow employees to be much more productive throughout the day. The cubicle walls also afford employees some privacy, and the ability to personalize their space with photos and posters. Cubicle walls also provide more storage options, allowing you to use shelves and hanging files. The outsides of the cubicle walls can also be used to hang calendars, important memos, and company diagrams.

If your employees work closely with their team or department, cubicles can hinder communication amongst employees. Having employees hidden away in the privacy of cubicles can also make it harder for managers to keep tabs on what employees are doing. It may be easier for employees to participate in time wasting activities, like browsing the internet, or taking personal phone calls.

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