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Is Your Office Chair Bad for Your Health?

desk chair near san joseUsing the wrong desk chair near San Jose might be doing more harm than good. An uncomfortable and unsupportive chair is tough on your joints and muscles. This discomfort is hard on your body and could even keep you from concentrating on your work. Use this guide to figure out if you need to get a new office chair to optimize health and productivity at work:

Look at the way your feet touch the ground

It is very important to choose an office chair that allows you to sit comfortably with your feet on the ground. If your chair does not do that, you might inadvertently roll your pelvis backward when you sit. This puts too much pressure on the discs in your spine. If you continue to slouch, you might end up with long-term spinal problems like herniated discs. Since people in offices are short and tall, it is a good idea to get adjustable office chairs that make it easy for everyone to sit with their feet on the ground.

Consider how your back touches the chair

The most supportive office chairs keep the entire back supported, including the lower back. This part of your spine curves inward. If you do not properly support the lumbar spine, you are more likely to slouch as you sit. This unnatural position flattens the natural curve of this area and puts too much stress on the lower spine. It is very important to look for a chair with lumbar support to avoid this issue.

Think about your forearms

Your office chair should also have armrests where you can comfortably place your hands as you sit at your desk. Choose a chair with adjustable armrests so you can change the height according to your body’s needs. Holding your arms at the wrong level for extended periods of time could put unnecessary stress on your shoulders. It might also cause tension in muscles like the trapezius and the levator scapula.

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