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The Importance of Lumbar Back Support

office furniture in san joseWhen you’re choosing office chairs, one of the most important features to look for is lumbar back support. Without it, you could end up with chronic lower back pain that impacts you at work and at home. Here are some of the reasons you should look for good lumbar back support when you’re shopping for office furniture in San Jose.

Lumbar back support sits in the curve of your lower back to keep your spine in a neutral position. Without it, you may have a tendency to slump while you’re working, which puts excessive pressure on your spine. This can lead to soft tissue injury, joint pain, and herniated discs, which may cause sciatic pain. Office chair lumbar support ensures that your spine stays straight even as you become tired or if you sit in your desk chair for long periods. In addition to lumbar support, choose an office chair that has adjustable armrests and an adjustable backrest for the best comfort.

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