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Ideas for Styling a Welcoming Reception Area

Your reception area is the face of your business. It is the first thing customers see every time they enter, and it sets the tone for what they can expect from your service and corporate culture. No matter the size of your workspace in San Jose, your reception area can still be stylish and inviting. Get the right look for you reception area with this advice. reception - area

Focus on Comfort

Your reception area should be a comfortable place for your customers to enter and to wait for meetings, services, and interviews. Choose comfortable office furniture, and position it away from the door, so that drafts and the constant in and out of other guests don’t make the waiting area uncomfortable. Provide magazines for people to leaf through if they want to relax, and set out information about your company so that guests can learn more if they choose. If you have the space, using a mixture of office furniture, such as individual chairs and couches, gives people more seating options. A table with a single-serve coffee maker is a good finishing touch.

Emphasis Your Brand

When considering colors for your reception area, look no further than your corporate branding. Your décor colors should pull in your branding colors as much as possible, to create a cohesive concept and increase your customers’ recognition of your identity. If your brand includes bold colors, use them as accents with otherwise neutral office furniture.

Consider Cleanliness

Your reception area should be clean and organized at all times. If your customers walk into a messy space, they will assume that your business runs the same way. It is easier to keep the space neat if you consider the need for cleanliness when you’re designing it. For instance, keep an umbrella stand near the door so customers don’t have to drag dripping umbrellas through the reception space. A runner rug in the entrance way helps to keep the rest of the carpeting clean by catching dirt and debris from outdoors. Have ample storage space behind the reception desk so that nothing has to be kept out in the customer area.

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