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Blog Posts in February, 2016

When Should You Buy New Desks?

There are lots of reasons to consider buying new or used desks for your office. Obviously most business owners buy desks as their office staff grows and they need more desks to accommodate new ...
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Strategies for Matching Your Desk to Your Workflow

When you make sure that your office desk in San Jose is arranged in the most accessible way possible, you will be much more efficient and productive. Everything on your office desk should be carefully ...
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FAQs About Buying Used Office Furniture

As a business owner, one of your primary concerns is saving money whenever and wherever possible to improve your bottom line. Although moving into a new office is an expensive investment, there are ...
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Plants and Office Décor

Can the secret to a more productive staff be found inside a pot or vase? That’s what some researchers have found, and it’s throwing the “lean office space” idea on its head. As ...
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