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How Your Chair Affects Your Back

The average office worker can spend up to 10 hours each day in a seated position. With so much time spent sitting, it’s important to understand how your desk chair affects the muscles, ligaments, and bones in your back and torso. Improper posture while sitting can lead to several negative health effects, from tingling, numbness, and pain in the lower back to soreness and discomfort in the upper back. Finding the right desk chair near San Jose can help to improve your comfort and your health by promoting good posture and providing adequate support throughout your workday. desk - chair

Chair Orientation

The design and style of your chair plays an integral role in the orientation and position of your back while seated. Ideally, the vertebrae of your spine should remain in a straight position while sitting; leaning too far forward, back, or to one side places strain on the spine, which is not meant to hold these positions for long. Thus, when your chair does not promote good posture, you may find yourself in a variety of uncomfortable positions throughout the day that can lead to strain on the back, which causes pain. Desk chairs that offer several degrees of adjustability are preferable for workers that spend long hours sitting because they allow you to find a position that keeps your back in a neutral orientation while you work.


The muscles of your abdomen and back should hold the body in a straight position while sitting. Over time, however, the body has a tendency to seek support as these muscles grow tired. You may notice that while you begin the workday sitting straight up in your desk chair, you may slouch or slump later in the day. If your office chair doesn’t provide adequate support, this slumping can stress the joints and muscles of your back, leading to discomfort, soreness, and pain. The right office chair should thus provide the molded support you need to remain in a comfortable position, preventing you from placing undue stress on any area of the back.

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