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Keeping Your Office Dust-Free

Keeping your office free of dust, dirt, and grit is a simple way to improve the appearance and prolong the lifetime of your office furniture in San Jose. A dust-free workspace is also a healthier workspace, reducing sniffling, sneezing, and symptoms of allergies or asthma so you can better concentrate on your work.

In this video, you’ll hear several helpful tips for removing dust from your office and your office furniture, including desks, desk chairs, and light fixtures. These tricks include dusting from the top of your office to the bottom to prevent going over items twice, as well as using microfiber cloths when dusting your desk or chair to pick up the greatest number of particles on every pass. You can clean hard-to-reach areas, such as file cabinet handles and decorative items, by using a small makeup brush or paintbrush for detailed dusting.

Easy & Quick Dusting Tips

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