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Reasons to Consider a Standing Desk

Traditional office furniture configurations promote long periods of time spent in a seated position. While a seated office desk is considered the standard, extended sitting has been found to promote a range of health concerns, from joint and muscle pain to obesity and heart disease. Whether you are furnishing a new office or simply looking to update the office furniture in your current San Jose workspace, there are several excellent reasons to consider a standing desk. standing - desk

Less Pain

While modern desk chairs are designed for optimum comfort and support, the human body was simply not made to sit for long periods of time. Furthermore, poor sitting posture is common, which increases the stress placed on joints and muscles throughout the day. Studies have indicated that breaking up long periods of sitting by using a standing office desk can relieve the pressure that sitting puts on the body, reducing the incidence of joint, neck, and back pain after a long workday.

Better General Health

Health studies have shown numerous benefits associated with the use of standing office furniture. By reducing the time you spend seated at your desk, you can also reduce your risk for heart disease and type 2 diabetes, two of the most significant health concerns faced by Americans today. Reducing the number of hours you spend sitting to just a few hours each day could even increase your life expectancy and lower your risk of premature death due to health complications by nearly 50%.

Improved Productivity

In addition to their many health benefits, standing office desks have also been associated with improved productivity. Spending more than six hours at a time in a seated position is associated with dropping energy levels and poor mental focus, both of which can drastically hinder productivity. By contrast, breaking up a long workday spent behind a desk by standing can increase mood and maintain higher energy levels, ensuring that every hour you spend at your standing desk is more productive.

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