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Blog Posts in May, 2016

Creating a Carpal Tunnel-Friendly Workstation

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a problem that affects many office workers. A person with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome may experience unusual sensations in his or her hands when typing and performing other office ...
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Options for Standing Desks

A standing desk will help you create an ergonomic workstation. As you are shopping for a new desk in San Jose, you will want to tour some of the office desk options that are available for your ...
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Minimizing Strain at Your Desk

Minor strains can become major pains when they are not addressed correctly. If you have been noticing that your current office furniture is uncomfortable, it may be time to invest in a comfortable ...
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Tips for Adjusting to a Standing Desk

Standing desks are extremely popular for workers in office environments. Sitting all day at an office desk has been shown to contribute to a variety of health problems. In order to promote your health ...
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