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Synchronizing Your Chair and Workstation for Better Ergonomics

When you are shopping for new office furniture, it is of the utmost importance to consider the synchronization of your workstation design. By choosing a computer desk and office chair that are designed to provide you with proper posture and support as you work and type, you can avoid the health related hazards that are associated with sitting at a desk all day. A store that offers wholesale furniture in San Jose can help you shop for office furniture that is perfectly suited for your posture and working style. Here is a look at some tips for achieving the best ergonomics from your chair and workstation. office - chair

Evaluate Your Sitting Posture

As you are working on synchronizing your chair and workstation, it is essential to evaluate your current sitting posture. Ideally, you will want to be sitting straight up with your feet flat on the floor. When you are typing and performing other office tasks, you want to make sure that your elbows are at a ninety degree angle and your hands are in a relaxed and comfortable position.

Lower Your Chair

While it may be tempting to position your chair in a higher position, it is actually beneficial to lower your chair slightly. Lowering your chair will allow you to make sure that your feet and ankles do not become swollen at the end of your workday. When your chair is too high, it can cause leg problems, foot issues, and spine misalignment.

Manage Your Screen Height

With your desk and chair at comfortable positions, you will be ready to adjust the height of your computer screen. Having your screen too low or too high can cause you to crane your neck or strain your eyes as you are working. An adjustable monitor will allow you to put your screen at a height that is ideal and comfortable for your needs. If you work at a laptop, you can consider adjusting your computer height through the use of a laptop stand.

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