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How to Adjust Your Office Chair

Office chairs have many knobs and slides so sitters can adjust the chairs to fit their personal preference. These various adjustments, such as seat height and armrest height, are all ways to help sitters have a more comfortable work experience in San Jose.

Watch the video to learn the many ways to adjust an office chair properly. The seat height should have the sitter’s feet placed firmly on the ground, with the hips set above the knees. The chair’s back should fit to the sitter’s back, with the pronounced area located in the small of the back. Armrests are essential to relieving back pressure, so they should be adjusted to the sitter’s natural fall of the arms at the elbow. The chair’s armrests should also be at equal height to the computer desk to keep possible strain from reaching the sitter’s back and shoulders.

How to Adjust Your Ergonomic Office Chair

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