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Avoiding the Afternoon Slump at Work

The afternoon hours may mean that the end of the workday is approaching, but for many workers, it also means the dreaded afternoon slump. To overcome that feeling of post-lunch fatigue, start by making sure your office furniture is ergonomically designed and that your San Jose workspace is designed to support healthy posture, so you’re not exhausting your body by trying to overcompensate for poor positioning. Get more tips by watching this video.

Your lunch could be the key to beating afternoon fatigue. Go light on carbs and sugars that can make you tired, and instead, load up on lean proteins and healthy fats. Try to get some fresh air and daylight to cue your brain to stay awake and not produce sleep hormones. When you’re feeling tired and overwhelmed, take a moment to breathe deeply and restore your energy, so you can return to work with a renewed focus.

Tips To Avoid Afternoon Crash

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