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Making an Office Space Work for Introverts and Extroverts

Your team can only be as effective and productive as possible if everyone contributes, but different types of office spaces in San Jose appeal to different types of people. Some people like to work in teams and enjoy open spaces where they can collaborate, whereas others prefer to think about a particular challenge or project on their own before meeting with a bigger group. Both of these options can be effective, and you’ll have to think about how to incorporate them into your office space design to make sure everyone benefits. Continue on to find out how you can make an office space work for introverts and extroverts. office - introvert - extrovert

Open Collaboration Areas

They say that 2 heads are better than 1, and extroverts tend to agree with this ideal. Extroverted people gain energy from being around people and sharing ideas together, so a collaborative area will allow them to thrive in the office. If you want your extroverts to be productive in their office spaces, make sure they are allowed and encouraged to work together whenever possible. Many people work best when they can bounce their ideas off of other people, and your office space should facilitate this.

Individual Workspaces

Introverts are on the opposite side of the spectrum as extroverts in that they regain their energy when they’re alone rather than when they’re with a group of people. This is why your office space needs individual desks and areas where people can get away and have some alone time. Introverts tend to work through problems, tasks, and projects on their own before they bring their ideas up to the team. Constantly working with other people may even be somewhat draining for introverts, so make sure they have spaces that they can call their own.

Making Everyone Happy

You’ll find a mixture of introverts and extroverts in just about every workplace, so make sure your office space caters to both. If you can find the right balance between open areas where people can work together and individual spaces where people can be on their own, you can set your company up for success.

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