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Easy Stretches to Try at Your Desk

Staying active and stretching your muscles is important when you work at a desk all day. Sitting at a desk and staring at a computer can cause your back, shoulders, and neck to feel tight and sore, so it is important to invest in proper ergonomic office furniture and stretch your muscles when you get an opportunity. Along with the right chair, you might try out some easy stretches you can do at your office desk in San Jose:

Watch the attached video for a better look at these helpful stretches. Lace your hands together and push them away from your body with the palms facing out. Roll your neck and shoulders forward to receive a gentle stretch. You can keep your hands laced and bring your arms over your head to stretch your back. Stretch your shoulders by lifting your arms above your head and bringing your elbows down and back to squeeze your shoulder blades.

Simple Desk Exercises

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