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Making the Most of Space in Your Home Office

Working from home is becoming an increasingly popular option for today’s employees. To maximize your productivity when you are out of the office, you will need to ensure that your home office ...
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Download This App for Inspiration for Your Home Office Design

Your home office should foster productivity, but blending an office into your living space isn’t always easy. Fortunately, with the Home Office Design Android app, you can get all of the ...
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Which Shape of Desk Should I Choose?

Office desks come in a variety of shapes, each with their pros and cons. There isn’t a definitive answer that works for everyone, but considering how you work and what features you want in a ...
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What Is Lumbar Support and Why Do I Need It?

Back pain is a common problem for many of adults. If you have started to notice that your back issues flare up after spending a day at the office, chances are that your work chair may not be providing ...
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Could Your Conference Room Use an Upgrade?

Every office requires updates and upgrades. Your conference room is an essential area of your office, and it should receive regular upgrades as well. If your employees are uncomfortable in their ...
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What Is the Purpose of a Spring Tilt on an Office Chair?

There are many different factors to consider when purchasing an office chair. While you are evaluating the style and determining how the armrests feel, don’t forget to look for the spring tilt. ...
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Making an Office Space Work for Introverts and Extroverts

Your team can only be as effective and productive as possible if everyone contributes, but different types of office spaces in San Jose appeal to different types of people. Some people like to work in ...
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Tips for Keeping Your Office Chair in Great Condition

If you’re like most people, you spend a significant amount of time each week in your work chair. Because office chairs get so much use, it is easy for them to become damaged, dirty, and ...
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Synchronizing Your Chair and Workstation for Better Ergonomics

When you are shopping for new office furniture, it is of the utmost importance to consider the synchronization of your workstation design. By choosing a computer desk and office chair that are ...
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Selecting the Best Desk for the Shape and Size of Your Office

Your office desk will serve as your central workstation throughout your days at work. When you are ready to purchase a new desk near San Jose, you will have several factors to consider. Along with ...
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How to Adjust Your Office Chair

Office chairs have many knobs and slides so sitters can adjust the chairs to fit their personal preference. These various adjustments, such as seat height and armrest height, are all ways to help ...
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What to Look For in a Computer Desk

When you set out to find a computer desk in San Jose, there are a few different factors that you should keep in mind. You will want to make sure that your computer desk is as comfortable as possible ...
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Keeping Your Office Dust-Free

Keeping your office free of dust, dirt, and grit is a simple way to improve the appearance and prolong the lifetime of your office furniture in San Jose. A dust-free workspace is also a healthier ...
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Practicing Good Posture at Your Computer

A desk job in an office may seem like a safe and secure position, but it is not necessarily free of risk. If you spend the majority of your day sitting at a desk in San Jose, it helps to understand ...
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Improve the Flow of Your Office

A productive workday can be satisfying, and it can put you in your boss’ good graces. If you want to set yourself up for success, put some thought into your office furniture in San Jose. The ...
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Setting Up an Office Filing System

You might think the office furniture for your San Jose business isn’t all that important, but the reality is that it can have a substantial effect on your comfort, your productivity, and even ...
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Minimizing Strain at Your Desk

Minor strains can become major pains when they are not addressed correctly. If you have been noticing that your current office furniture is uncomfortable, it may be time to invest in a comfortable ...
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Tips for Organizing Your Office

Office organization is crucial for your efficiency and productivity, and your office furniture in San Jose can help. The right furniture and the right mindset can help you keep your space neat and ...
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Choosing the Best Computer Desk for You

If you often find yourself spending long days at the office, consider using quality furniture to keep your days from feeling even longer than they are. A comfortable and practical computer desk in San ...
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Essential Furniture for Your Office

There are a few staples of office life that you might expect to see when you walk into any workspace in San Jose. Most of today’s offices are equipped with computers, tablets, and other pieces ...
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Exploring Different Types of Office Furniture

If you are opening a new office or looking to redesign an old one, there are many different types of office furniture that you should consider purchasing. Whether you decide to buy new or used ...
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Building a Better Routine for Organizing Your Desk

Over the course of a workday, the desk in your office can get extremely messy. This can make it difficult for you to be as productive as you can be. Watch this video to see how to keep your computer ...
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FAQs About Buying Used Office Furniture

As a business owner, one of your primary concerns is saving money whenever and wherever possible to improve your bottom line. Although moving into a new office is an expensive investment, there are ...
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Tips for Choosing Furniture for Your Home Office

Choosing new office furniture for your home office can be exciting. You want to find a computer desk and desk chair that are comfortable, and that will help you be more productive throughout the day. ...
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