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  • 5 Top Types of Office Chair (Infographic)

    In the rush of the work day, it’s easy for the subject of desk chairs to take a backseat, but you might be surprised at the impact that what you’re sitting on can have on your productivity. Sit in the wrong desk chair, and you’ll deal with back pain, headaches, and eyestrain, and you’ll burn out faster. There are several different kinds of office chairs available, and the right one for you depends on many different factors, including your office set-up and the type of work you do. Learn more about your options for office chairs in this infographic from West Coast Office Solutions . We provide office furniture in San Jose, including a wide selection of office chairs. Share this information with your bosses and co-workers, and come to us to find the best office chair for you.


    Types of Office Chair

  • Tips for Organizing Your Office Desk

    Tips to Organize Office desk Your computer desk in San Jose is the place where many of your most important professional decisions and transactions take place. To perform at your best, you must have an office desk that supports your daily needs. These suggestions for how to make your desk work for you can make each day a more fulfilling and productive one.

    Reexamine Your Layout

    Take a look at the items on your desk. Is your current layout maximizing your workplace efficiency? For instance, if your computer sits too close or too far from your office chair, you might be constantly adjusting your posture to accommodate for its distance. Instead, readjust your computer so that it sits approximately a foot and a half from your chair. You should also consider whether your phone is in an optimal spot or if your files constantly get knocked to the floor because of their placement on your computer table .

    Keep All Your Supplies Within Reach

    How difficult is it for you to grab your phone or pen when you need it? Even if you have a clean desk layout, it may not be conducive to your needs. All items that you regularly use should be in easy reach. Not only can this one step improve your workflow, but also it can reduce the risk of back strain. Instead of moving their bodies to reach a distant object, many people overextend their backs to grab the item in question. You can prevent back pain by moving your desk supplies closer to your body.

    Minimize Decorative Elements

    Many people find it comforting to add a personal element or two to their desks. While a picture of your family or a favorite knickknack may be suitable, if you overwhelm your computer table with decorations, they can easily get in the way of your workplace activities. Par down your personal belongings, and you might find that you have an easier time navigating your desk. The same tip applies to rarely used office supplies. Unless you need a particular item everyday, place it in a file or storage cabinet.

  • Selecting An Office Chair To Support Your Lower Back

    desk chair san jose ca Do you normally sit at a desk for your job? Then you might spend as much time in your desk chair near San Jose as you do in your bed. This piece of office furniture can be critical to not only your comfort, but also your health. Desk chairs can make it difficult to maintain the right posture day after day, which can quickly lead to a host of back problems. The best office chair for your needs is the one that can effectively fulfill these requirements:

    Find an Office Chair with Sufficient Seat Space

    A chair too small to comfortably sit in cannot accommodate your posture needs. Adequate width is one feature that you might discern soon after sitting in an office chair . However, before selecting a desk chair, test how far back you can sit in it as well. The depth of your chair is integral to its ability to support your back. To dissipate the weight of your body and ease the strain on your lower back, you must choose a chair with sufficient depth.

    Get Support for Your Lower Back

    Ample seat space is an important consideration. However, you should also evaluate the construction of each chair to see if it provides lumbar support, too. The lumbar spine comprises the lower section of the back, which absorbs much of your body’s weight. It also happens to assume a curved shape that could experience trauma from incorrect posture. Many office chairs come with padded support that helps to maintain this curve and alleviate potential lower back injury.

    Select a Desk Chair with an Adequate Backrest

    The length of your backrest can also impact your back health. A backrest that is too short can minimize the amount of support you get from it. If you cannot comfortably lean your entire back onto the backrest, you may be more prone to slouching forward. A high backrest makes it easy to take the strain of weight off the lower back and distribute it more evenly across your entire spinal column. You may also want to see if the desk chairs you are browsing allow for adjustments to your backrest height or angle.

  • Are You Sitting In The Right Posture in Your Office Chair?

    Back pain can sometimes develop from improper posture when sitting in an office chair for hours at a time. Making sure that your desk chair near San Jose allows for correct ergonomic positions can help you avoid spinal discomfort.

    This video demonstrates appropriate sitting positions in desk chairs. Some office chairs have ergonomically correct features that make it easy to maintain a correct stance. However, you should always make proper posture a priority when you sit at your computer desk. Key to reducing the risk of back pain is keeping your arms, shoulders, and neck relaxed. When you hunch over your desk, you place excessive strain on these body parts that can radiate down the length of your back. By positioning your arms and shoulders back, you can likewise relax the tissues in your back.