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  • When Should You Buy New Desks?

    There are lots of reasons to consider buying new or used desks for your office. Obviously most business owners buy desks as their office staff grows and they need more desks to accommodate new employees. It’s also a good idea to buy new desks if your old ones are in poor repair and out of style, as new desks can greatly refresh the look and feel of your office space. Growing businesses will also buy new desks if their current furniture is mismatched in order to create a more visually-appealing and uniform working environment.

    Whatever the reason, West Coast Office Solutions offers the best selection of new and used desks and office furniture in San Jose . Contact us online or call (408) 957-8777 to request your free estimate and we’ll find the best solution to fit your office furniture needs. You can also visit our showroom in the Montague Industrial Center to browse our selection of new and used office furniture in person. Office Cubicles

  • 3 Strategies for Matching Your Desk to Your Workflow

    Matching Desk for your Workflow When you make sure that your office desk in San Jose is arranged in the most accessible way possible, you will be much more efficient and productive. Everything on your office desk should be carefully placed according to how and how often it is used throughout the day. Here are some important strategies for matching your desk to your workflow.

    Determine How You Will Use Your Desk

    People use their office desks for various different tasks throughout the day. Take some time to determine how you generally use your office desk. You might just use it for paperwork, computer work, holding meetings, making phone calls, or some combination of these tasks. The office desk that you choose should be compatible with all of the different ways that you plan on using it. You should make sure that it is large enough and has storage cabinets, drawers, or file cabinets for storing items that are less frequently used.

    Identify Your Workstyle and Habits

    You know your workstyle and habits better than anyone else. Take a day to jot down notes on how you tend to work throughout the day. Focus on which tasks you complete most often, how long they take, what tools you use frequently throughout the day, and what other items you find yourself reaching for over and over again. Your office desk should have enough space so that you can make sure that the tools you use most frequently are within arm’s reach, and that you have enough space to use them effectively.

    Focus on Ergonomics

    It is very important that your office desk is set up ergonomically. An ergonomic workspace reduces your risk of eyestrain, fatigue, and back, neck, and shoulder problems. Your desk should be tall enough that your legs fit underneath it comfortably. When you place your office chair behind the desk, you should be able to allow for at least three and a half feet of space. You should be able to place your keyboard and computer at the optimal height and distance for comfortable use.

  • FAQs About Buying Used Office Furniture

    As a business owner, one of your primary concerns is saving money whenever and wherever possible to improve your bottom line. Although moving into a new office is an expensive investment, there are ways you can cut costs to minimize the financial impact on your business. One of the best ways to save is buying used office furniture. Not only can you save thousands of dollars furnishing your office with used desks, tables, filing cabinets, and chairs, but you’ll also be able to afford more furniture for your office than you would have if you bought all new furniture. Here are answers to some of the most common questions business owners like you have when shopping for used office furniture in San Jose . FAQs about Office Furniture

    Q: How much can I save buying used office furniture?

    A: There’s no question that you’ll save money buying used office furniture, but exactly how much depends on a number of different factors, including the type of furniture you buy, the condition the furniture is in, and where you buy the furniture from. You can request an estimate from an office furniture supplier in Southern California to find out exactly how much money you’ll save buying used furniture for your office .

    Q: What types of office furniture can I buy used?

    A: Virtually any type of office furniture you can buy new can be bought used, including desks, credenzas, office chairs, conference tables, reception desks, filing cabinets, and more. To see all of the used furniture you can purchase for your office, visit a used office furniture showroom in San Jose.

    Q: Where’s the best place to purchase used office furniture?

    A: You can buy used office furniture online from private sellers, but your best option is to purchase used furniture from a company that specializes in used office furniture. Not only will the quality be higher, but you can typically find multiple items to ensure that your office furniture matches. And if you’re buying multiple desks, chairs, and other pieces of furniture, office furniture stores will typically offer financing and bulk order discounts to help you save money compared to buying furniture from private sellers.

  • Plants and Office Décor

    Can the secret to a more productive staff be found inside a pot or vase? That’s what some researchers have found, and it’s throwing the “lean office space” idea on its head. As reported by the American Psychological Association, a recent study showed improvements in worker productivity, concentration, and workplace satisfaction with the addition of plants. Watch this video to learn more about this study and why you should introduce some more greenery in your workplace.

    Plants can freshen up your office space, but so can new office furniture. Investing in new or used office furniture can update the look and feel of your work space. New desks, tables, and chairs can also improve your staff’s productivity and efficiency, and can even help reduce employee turnover by creating an office atmosphere that your workers look forward to everyday. Contact an office furniture supplier in San Jose for help furnishing your office with new or used furniture that meets your needs and fits your budget.