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3 Strategies for Matching Your Desk to Your Workflow

Matching Desk for the Workflow

Matching Desk for your Workflow When you make sure that your office desk in San Jose is arranged in the most accessible way possible, you will be much more efficient and productive. Everything on your office desk should be carefully placed according to how and how often it is used throughout the day. Here are some important strategies for matching your desk to your workflow.

Determine How You Will Use Your Desk

People use their office desks for various different tasks throughout the day. Take some time to determine how you generally use your office desk. You might just use it for paperwork, computer work, holding meetings, making phone calls, or some combination of these tasks. The office desk that you choose should be compatible with all of the different ways that you plan on using it. You should make sure that it is large enough and has storage cabinets, drawers, or file cabinets for storing items that are less frequently used.

Identify Your Workstyle and Habits

You know your workstyle and habits better than anyone else. Take a day to jot down notes on how you tend to work throughout the day. Focus on which tasks you complete most often, how long they take, what tools you use frequently throughout the day, and what other items you find yourself reaching for over and over again. Your office desk should have enough space so that you can make sure that the tools you use most frequently are within arm’s reach, and that you have enough space to use them effectively.

Focus on Ergonomics

It is very important that your office desk is set up ergonomically. An ergonomic workspace reduces your risk of eyestrain, fatigue, and back, neck, and shoulder problems. Your desk should be tall enough that your legs fit underneath it comfortably. When you place your office chair behind the desk, you should be able to allow for at least three and a half feet of space. You should be able to place your keyboard and computer at the optimal height and distance for comfortable use.

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