• Why You Should Choose West Coast Office Solutions

    If you have been looking for a furniture supplier to help you grow your business into a success, then you should look to West Coast Office Solutions . With a massive stockroom, thousands of new and used office furniture pieces, and extensively trained and knowledgeable staff, West Coast Office Solutions is your one-stop furniture store in San Jose.

    West Coast has over 10 years of experience as San Jose’s and the Bay Area’s premier furniture supplier in both new and used quality pieces. Working with elite manufacturers like Phantom, United, and Office Source, West Coast offers only the best products in office furniture. The sales staff offers free estimates, and extensive knowledge to help you pick out the right desks, chairs, cubicles, and storage for your entire workspace. Once your office furniture and supplies have been picked out, West Coast also offers delivery and installation for all furniture, for your convenience. Call West Coast Office Solutions for all of your office furniture needs today.

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  • Comparing Different Types of Office Chair Materials

    San Jose’s Office Chair Supplier

    There are several types of office chairs and office chair materials available. Each material—mesh, leather, fabric, plastic, and wood—has its pros and cons, such as the potential to break down over time or irritate the sitter’s skin. Continue reading for a brief comparison on the different materials for office chairs in San Jose. office - chairs


    Mesh has become a very popular material for office chairs. Mesh office chairs typically come in an ergonomic shape to provide support for the back. These types of chairs may have a cushioned seat or a mesh seat. Over time, a mesh chair may lose its shape, so it is best to purchase office chairs with a high-quality mesh material. Mesh is very breathable, but some mesh materials have been known to irritate the skin.


    Leather and faux leather office chairs are comfortable options, especially for those wanting a very cushioned chair. This type of material is not the most breathable, meaning the sitter’s exposed skin may stick to the material, but it is unlikely to irritate the sitter’s skin.


    Fabric is another material that could potentially irritate the skin, but it is very breathable. Fabric office chairs may be very comfortable to sit in at first, but over time the cushioning and fabric material will eventually begin to break down.


    Often used in waiting rooms, plastic chairs are not the softest, but they may be the best option for a comfortable sit. Plastic is a hardened material that can be manufactured in the shape of the sitter’s back, offering the sitter more back support. This material is unlikely to break down or lose its shape like fabric cushions or mesh chairs.


    Wood office chairs are of a similar quality as plastic office chairs. Though they may look like an uncomfortable chair choice, they may offer exceptional back support. Wood office chairs will also keep their shape, and they are unlikely to irritate the sitter’s skin.

  • How to Avoid Fatigue at Your Desk

    Fatigue is a common affliction for those who work at a desk all day. Whether the desk is located in an office building or a home office in San Jose, fatigue can strike anywhere. There are certain tips, such as drinking cold water with mint, that can help you fight fatigue and have a more productive workday. desk - work

    Take a break from technology.

    In this world of technology, it may seem impossible to take a break from it, but it is essential that you try. Taking shorts breaks throughout the day, free from all types of technology, is a great way to refocus your mind and boost your energy. Take these breaks away from your computer desk, your cell phone, and tablet, and focus on becoming more aware of that moment in time.

    Be active whenever possible.

    People struggle with fatigue and loss of exercise while working non-desk jobs, so those who spend their entire career at a desk must work extra hard. On your breaks, take the time to walk as much as you can or even do a couple jumping jacks. By getting a little bit of movement, even a couple jumping jacks’ worth, your body will begin to release endorphins and help you to feel more awake.

    Create a to-do list.

    Often, people feel fatigue at their desk jobs because they don’t feel like they have accomplished much. Their work may seem never ending and monotonous. The best way to combat this feeling and resulting fatigue is to create a daily to-do list. As each task is completed, check it off. By visually seeing tasks be completed, you are less likely to suffer fatigue and will feel more energized to complete your daily to-do list.

    Drink cold water and mint.

    Mint has been proven to provide more energy and waken the mind, along with cold water. If possible, keep a mint plant at your desk, or simply add a couple leaves to your drinking water. Either of these actions, in addition to drinking mint tea or using mint lotion, will help you fight fatigue throughout your workday.

  • How to Adjust Your Office Chair

    Office chairs have many knobs and slides so sitters can adjust the chairs to fit their personal preference. These various adjustments, such as seat height and armrest height, are all ways to help sitters have a more comfortable work experience in San Jose .

    Watch the video to learn the many ways to adjust an office chair properly. The seat height should have the sitter’s feet placed firmly on the ground, with the hips set above the knees. The chair’s back should fit to the sitter’s back, with the pronounced area located in the small of the back. Armrests are essential to relieving back pressure, so they should be adjusted to the sitter’s natural fall of the arms at the elbow. The chair’s armrests should also be at equal height to the computer desk to keep possible strain from reaching the sitter’s back and shoulders.

    How to Adjust Your Ergonomic Office Chair