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  • A Look at Manners in the Workplace

    When you work in an office space , there will undoubtedly be times when you face dilemmas and have questions about practicing proper etiquette while at work. If you’d like to learn how to say no to requests without damaging your relationships with coworkers, then watch this video for advice on displaying good manners while at work in San Jose.

    One type of uncomfortable circumstance that you may find yourself in at work is being faced with outrageous requests. For example, if a coworker is collecting funds that aren’t related to a good cause or that you have no desire to contribute to, then you shouldn’t hesitate to politely decline.

  • How To Benefit From A New Office Chair

    Considering the amount of time that the average office worker spends sitting in a chair, this piece of furniture should be comfortable, supportive, and ergonomic. Unfortunately, if you’re like many people who sit while at work in San Jose, then you may be spending your days in a chair that is affecting your comfort and health. If you’re wondering if it’s time to look for a new office chair , then there are a few signs that you should watch for.

    If your chair is negatively affecting your health, then it’s time for a replacement. For example, you might experience pain and achiness while you’re sitting in your chair or find that it doesn’t offer your spine enough support for you to maintain good posture throughout the day. A second sign that means it’s time for a new chair is if yours is reducing your productivity. A chair that is worn out, poorly made, or designed for someone who is taller or shorter than you can cause you to feel uncomfortable and distracted at your desk. Finally, if your office chair looks like it’s seen better days, then consider replacing it with one that is new or in better condition.

    Rustic office chair

  • Answering The FAQ’s About Ergonomic Office Furniture

    Ergonomic furniture can reduce the risk of injury and improve productivity for the user. If you’re looking for ergonomic office furniture in San Jose , then keep reading to learn the answers to common questions about this type of equipment.

    What should I consider when looking for ergonomic office furniture?

    Whether you’re furnishing an ergonomic workspace for yourself or your staff, you should think about the user’s gender, height, body size, and dominant hand when selecting furniture. A Man working on Laptop

    What characteristics does ergonomic office furniture have?

    When selecting your office furniture, look for chairs that have adjustable backs, seat heights, and arm rest heights. Ideally, the desk should be adjustable as well, and a footrest should be available for desks that cannot be adjusted.

    Is it expensive to purchase ergonomic office furniture?

    Choosing high-quality options can potentially increase the ergonomic value of your office furniture. However, workplace ergonomics should be thought of as a process rather than a product. Ergonomic office furniture is not necessarily expensive, but it’s important to combine the right pieces in a well-functioning layout.

    Does the type of job affect workspace ergonomics?

    Different tasks that are performed in an office can require various layouts, equipment, and accessories. For this reason, it’s important to consider what tasks will be conducted at a workstation if you want it to be ergonomic for the user. When selecting ergonomic office furniture, think about the amount of typing that will be done, if typing will be combined with activities like notetaking or phone use, and what devices the user will need to use to do his or her job.

    What environmental factors influence workplace ergonomics?

    When selecting new office furniture, consider what interaction will take place between coworkers. Also, consider what accessories, such as storage devices and filing cabinets, will be part of the workspace. Finally, factor in light sources, floor or table-mounted CPUs, the size and type of computers that will be used, how existing furniture is arranged, and the office’s dimensions.

  • How Should You Set Up Your Desk?

    Creating an ergonomic workspace can potentially increase your everyday comfort and productivity. If you want to optimize your workstation, then continue reading for tips on setting up your office desk in San Jose. A Man at the Work Desk

    Determine Your Natural Posture

    If you’re like many people who spend most of their day at a desk, then you may underestimate the toll that your posture can take on your body. To help maximize your comfort and productivity, consider your posture while setting up your desk. When sitting, your behind should be against the back of the chair, and the back of the chair should be supporting your spine. Also, sit with your feet flat on the floor and adjust your chair or desk height if necessary. This natural posture is one that you should be able to maintain in your permanent desk setup.

    Consider Mouse and Keyboard Placement

    After adjusting your chair and desk to suit your natural posture, move on to your mouse and keyboard. Both of these devices should be positioned so that your elbows remain at your sides at a 90-degree angle. If you’re straining to reach the mouse or keyboard, then move them closer to your body. Also, your keyboard should be positioned 1 to 2 inches above your legs, and it should tilt slightly away from you to match the slope of your thighs.

    Perfectly Position Your Screens

    The placement of their computer monitors is another place where people often go wrong when it comes to setting up their desk. First, position your monitor so that the tip of your middle finger touches the screen when you extend your arm. If you have 2 screens, then center them both if you use them equally, or center the primary screen and leave the secondary screen off-center. As for height, your gaze should rest at the address bar when you look straight ahead. To achieve this, you can adjust the monitor’s height using the built-in mechanism or place it on top of books. Finally, to help avoid eyestrain by reducing glare, angle the monitors slightly downward.