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How Should You Set Up Your Desk?

Setting Up Office Desk in San Jose, CA

Creating an ergonomic workspace can potentially increase your everyday comfort and productivity. If you want to optimize your workstation, then continue reading for tips on setting up your office desk in San Jose. A Man at the Work Desk

Determine Your Natural Posture

If you’re like many people who spend most of their day at a desk, then you may underestimate the toll that your posture can take on your body. To help maximize your comfort and productivity, consider your posture while setting up your desk. When sitting, your behind should be against the back of the chair, and the back of the chair should be supporting your spine. Also, sit with your feet flat on the floor and adjust your chair or desk height if necessary. This natural posture is one that you should be able to maintain in your permanent desk setup.

Consider Mouse and Keyboard Placement

After adjusting your chair and desk to suit your natural posture, move on to your mouse and keyboard. Both of these devices should be positioned so that your elbows remain at your sides at a 90-degree angle. If you’re straining to reach the mouse or keyboard, then move them closer to your body. Also, your keyboard should be positioned 1 to 2 inches above your legs, and it should tilt slightly away from you to match the slope of your thighs.

Perfectly Position Your Screens

The placement of their computer monitors is another place where people often go wrong when it comes to setting up their desk. First, position your monitor so that the tip of your middle finger touches the screen when you extend your arm. If you have 2 screens, then center them both if you use them equally, or center the primary screen and leave the secondary screen off-center. As for height, your gaze should rest at the address bar when you look straight ahead. To achieve this, you can adjust the monitor’s height using the built-in mechanism or place it on top of books. Finally, to help avoid eyestrain by reducing glare, angle the monitors slightly downward.

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