• Different Types of Support & Office Chair Materials

    Lumbar Support of Office Chairs in San Jose

    What Is Lumbar Support and Why Do I Need It?

    Back pain is a common problem for many adults. If you have started to notice that your back issues flare up after spending a day at the office, chances are that your work chair may not be providing you with adequate stability. A company that sells office chairs near San Jose can help you find a comfortable chair that provides proper support for your lumbar spine. Let’s take a look at what every office worker needs to know about the importance of lumbar support.

    Lumbar Support Stabilizes Your Lower Spine

    The lower portion of your back is known as your lumbar spine. These vertebrae have a natural tendency to curve inwards, especially if they are not provided with the proper type of support. With a chair that has been equipped with lumbar support features, you can stabilize your lower spine and prevent your vertebrae from getting pinched or otherwise irritated. If you do not have the correct amount of support from your office chair, your lumbar spine may have a natural tendency to slip into a potentially harmful position.

    Lumbar Support Can Offer Preventative Care

    Even if you do not currently experience lower back pain, it is still a good idea to purchase a chair that has been designed with a lumbar support system. Over the hours that you spend sitting in your office chair, sitting in an unsupportive posture can eventually lead to back pain. A chair with lumbar support will help to prevent many of the back issues that are associated with desk work.

    Lumbar Support Can Be Built Into Your Chair

    Rather than purchasing a separate support system for your existing chair, you may want to consider investing in a new office chair that has a lumbar support device built into its seat. With a built-in lumbar support system, you can rest assured that every aspect of your chair has been engineered to correctly stabilize your lumbar spine. After routinely sitting in a supportive chair, you may start to notice that your back pain symptoms are all

    San Jose’s Office Chair Supplier

    There are several types of office chairs and office chair materials available. Each material—mesh, leather, fabric, plastic, and wood—has its pros and cons, such as the potential to break down over time or irritate the sitter’s skin. Continue reading for a brief comparison of the different materials for office chairs in San Jose.


    Mesh has become a very popular material for office chairs. Mesh office chairs typically come in an ergonomic shape to provide support for the back. These types of chairs may have a cushioned seat or a mesh seat. Over time, a mesh chair may lose its shape, so it is best to purchase office chairs with a high-quality mesh material. Mesh is very breathable, but some mesh materials have been known to irritate the skin.


    Leather and faux leather office chairs are comfortable options, especially for those wanting a very cushioned chair. This type of material is not the most breathable, meaning the sitter’s exposed skin may stick to the material, but it is unlikely to irritate the sitter’s skin.


    Fabric is another material that could potentially irritate the skin, but it is very breathable. Fabric office chairs may be very comfortable to sit in at first, but over time the cushioning and fabric material will eventually begin to break down.


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  • Beat Back Pain by Adjusting Your Desk Chair

    If you experience back pain while you are at work, it may be time to purchase a more comfortable chair . This video demonstrates some tips that can help you to adjust your work chair to achieve better back support. By making sure that your chair height is adjusted properly and that your chair offers lumbar support, you can beat aches and pains during the work day. A company that sells office furniture near San Jose can help you find the right chair for your proportions.

    To make sure that you purchase the right chair for back support, be sure to consult with a team of office furniture experts. With assistance from an experienced sales staff, you can try out different chairs until you find a model that feels comfortable.

    Tips To Adjusting Your Office Chair to Avoid Back and Neck Pain

  • Should You Choose an Open Office Layout?

    Changing your office layout can have a dramatic impact on your overall experience on the job. In this video from Financial Times, you will learn all about the pros and cons of an open office layout. By opening your office, you can add spaciousness to your work environment. However, some employees may prefer to have their own, private workspaces. A company that sells office furniture in San Jose can help you pick the best discount furniture for your desired layout.

    Once you have chosen the best layout for your office, you will be ready to start shopping for office furniture. New office desks and chairs will help to pull together the different elements of your company’s floor plan, and you will be able to create the functional office environment that you have always wanted.

    Pros and Cons of Open Offices Layout

  • Signs That You Could Benefit from a New Office Chair

    Considering the amount of time that the average office worker spends sitting in a chair, this piece of furniture should be comfortable, supportive, and ergonomic. Unfortunately, if you’re like many people who sit while at work in San Jose, then you may be spending your days in a chair that is affecting your comfort and health. If you’re wondering if it’s time to look for a new office chair , then there are a few signs that you should watch for.

    If your chair is negatively affecting your health, then it’s time for a replacement. For example, you might experience pain and achiness while you’re sitting in your chair or find that it doesn’t offer your spine enough support for you to maintain good posture throughout the day. A second sign that means it’s time for a new chair is if yours is reducing your productivity. A chair that is worn out, poorly made, or designed for someone who is taller or shorter than you can cause you to feel uncomfortable and distracted at your desk. Finally, if your office chair looks like it’s seen better days, then consider replacing it with one that is new or in better condition.

    old - chair

  • Answering Questions About Ergonomic Office Furniture

    Ergonomic furniture can reduce the risk of injury and improve productivity for the user. If you’re looking for ergonomic office furniture in San Jose , then keep reading to learn the answers to common questions about this type of equipment.

    What should I consider when looking for ergonomic office furniture?

    Whether you’re furnishing an ergonomic workspace for yourself or your staff, you should think about the user’s gender, height, body size, and dominant hand when selecting furniture. ergonomic - chair

    What characteristics does ergonomic office furniture have?

    When selecting your office furniture, look for chairs that have adjustable backs, seat heights, and arm rest heights. Ideally, the desk should be adjustable as well, and a footrest should be available for desks that cannot be adjusted.

    Is it expensive to purchase ergonomic office furniture?

    Choosing high-quality options can potentially increase the ergonomic value of your office furniture. However, workplace ergonomics should be thought of as a process rather than a product. Ergonomic office furniture is not necessarily expensive, but it’s important to combine the right pieces in a well-functioning layout.

    Does the type of job affect workspace ergonomics?

    Different tasks that are performed in an office can require various layouts, equipment, and accessories. For this reason, it’s important to consider what tasks will be conducted at a workstation if you want it to be ergonomic for the user. When selecting ergonomic office furniture, think about the amount of typing that will be done, if typing will be combined with activities like notetaking or phone use, and what devices the user will need to use to do his or her job.

    What environmental factors influence workplace ergonomics?

    When selecting new office furniture, consider what interaction will take place between coworkers. Also, consider what accessories, such as storage devices and filing cabinets, will be part of the workspace. Finally, factor in light sources, floor or table-mounted CPUs, the size and type of computers that will be used, how existing furniture is arranged, and the office’s dimensions.

  • Choosing a Desk for Your Reception Area

    The desk in your reception area is one of the most important elements of your San Jose office. This desk is the first piece of furniture your customers will see, and it is meant to hold a variety of important information for our employees and your customers. Your receptionist’s desk should not be picked out on a whim. Take careful thought and consideration when choosing the desk for your reception area. Let’s look at what you need to think about before purchasing a receptionist’s desk.

    Your reception area should already have welcoming office furniture. It should be large enough to hold office equipment and files. However, it should not feel overbearing or overwhelming to your customers as they enter the office. Look for a desk that is longer than it is wide or tall. This will give your receptionist ample room for different electronic equipment—such as a computer, phone, and scanner—and it will not feel too large to your customers. Equip your receptionist with an ergonomic, rolling desk chair so that he or she may easily reach all areas of the desk.

    office - desk

  • How to Choose the Right Size Office Chair

    Finding the perfect office chair is not always an easy task. There are several factors that must be taken into consideration to find an ergonomic and comfortable office chair in San Jose. The most important trait of a good office chair is the ability to adjust it. An adjustable office chair can allow any user to comfortably use it at any time. Read on for a better understanding of how to choose an office chair. office - chair

    Look for Adjustable Height

    The height of an office chair is one of the most important aspects of a good office chair. The height should be adjustable, so anyone can comfortably sit in the chair. Look for an office chair with a pneumatic adjustment lever that caters to a large range of heights. The range should be able to comfortably sit someone with above or below-average height. The height determines if the sitter can keep his feet flat on the ground and comfortably reach the surface of the desk. This is very important to preventing shoulder issues and strains on the hips.

    Look for a Wide Seat

    Common seat width is between 17 and 20 inches to accommodate almost any user. The right depth of the seat may depend on the user. The depth should be deep enough that the user can reach the ergonomic backrest and his feet can still comfortably reach the floor. The tilt of the seat is also important to provide adequate support behind the knees and in the lumbar area of the back. Adjustable tilting can allow a person of below-average height to gain the benefits of lumbar support and having his feet flat on the ground.

    Look for an Adjustable Backrest

    The backrest of an office chair should include lumbar support, also known as lower back support. Lumbar support is important to prevent slouching and strain in the lower spine. An adjustable backrest will allow the user to find the proper fit to support his lower back. The backrest should also have the correct curve to support the entire back, but lumbar support is the most important.

  • Easy Stretches to Try at Your Desk

    Staying active and stretching your muscles is important when you work at a desk all day. Sitting at a desk and staring at a computer can cause your back, shoulders, and neck to feel tight and sore, so it is important to invest in proper ergonomic office furniture and stretch your muscles when you get an opportunity. Along with the right chair, you might try out some easy stretches you can do at your office desk in San Jose :

    Watch the attached video for a better look at these helpful stretches. Lace your hands together and push them away from your body with the palms facing out. Roll your neck and shoulders forward to receive a gentle stretch. You can keep your hands laced and bring your arms over your head to stretch your back. Stretch your shoulders by lifting your arms above your head and bringing your elbows down and back to squeeze your shoulder blades.

    Simple Desk Exercises

  • Answering Questions Every Buyer Has About Desks

    Buying new desks for your workspace in San Jose is a major decision. Office desks need to be functional, but they should also represent your business the right way and fit into your overall office décor. If you’re in the market for office desks, here are the answers to some of the questions that occur to nearly every buyer. new - office

    Do office desks really make sense for my budget?

    Office desks can be a great investment for your company. If your current desks are old, tattered, or broken, then new desks can improve morale and the impression your clients have of your company. If your desks are mismatched, then investing in a set of uniform desks creates a more cohesive design. If your office décor is a hodge-podge mix of pieces without a theme or style tying them together, new desks are a great starting point for building a design that projects the right image of your business. Desks aren’t just tables to work at but instead can play a role in crafting the identity of your company while giving your employees a productive place to do their jobs.

    What kind of desk is right for my office?

    The answer to this question depends on a number of different factors, including whether you are purchasing one or multiple desks for your office, the kind of work you do, and your budget. You can narrow down your options by considering your needs. Think about how much storage you need at your desk, if you need a desk with any special features, such as the capability to tilt for drawings, and how much space you have. You should also consider the overall design of the desk. For instance, if you are an attorney, you may wish to choose a traditional, sturdy desk made of darkly colored wood, but if you are a graphic designer, you may want something more modern.

    Should I consider used desks?

    Used office desks can be an ideal way to get the pieces you want at a price that works for your budget. Inspect the desks you’re considering in advance to make sure they are in like-new or gently used condition, and you’ll be as happy with your desk as you would be if you purchased it brand new.

  • Exploring the Link Between Your Office Chair and Your Health

    Your office chair is more than a place to sit while you do your work. You spend a great deal of time in it, and it can make or break your health in many ways. If you’re suffering from chronic pain, fatigue, and concentration problems at your office in San Jose, your work chair could be the culprit. Here is what you need to know about how your office chair affects your health. office - chair

    Chronic Pain

    Your office chair should support your lower back and encourage good posture. That means that when you are seating your chair, it should be comfortable for you to sit up straight and work at your desk without bending your elbows up or down. You should be able to keep your head in a neutral position to look at your computer screen or have the ability to adjust your chair’s height until you can. If your chair doesn’t have this kind of support, then your body will need to compensate for the poor positioning. Over time, this will put stress on your muscles and joints that can lead to chronic pain. Back and neck pain are common problems caused by sitting in the wrong chair, but hand and wrist pain and sciatica that radiates down the leg are also possible.


    Another side effect of the wrong office chair is fatigue. As your body works harder to maintain an unnatural position, you will experience an increase in daytime fatigue. It may also become harder to concentrate as you feel more tired and worn out. Simply changing your chair can ease this pressure and help you feel more energized throughout the day.

    Chronic Illness

    In recent years, a number of studies have linked sitting for extended periods of time with an increased risk of illnesses such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes, as well as an increased risk of death. Since people tend to spend most of their time in office chairs, these studies are frequently associated with desk jobs. You can ward off these risks by not only making sure your chair is right for you but also getting out of it every 15 to 30 minutes for a stroll around the office to stretch your muscles and get your blood flowing.