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  • Should Your Conference Room Get Regular Upgrades?

    Every office requires updates and upgrades. Your conference room is an essential area of your office, and it should receive regular upgrades as well. If your employees are uncomfortable in their chairs or your office furniture is worn, then the conference room may be the most unproductive area of your office. Let’s look at the following signs that you could upgrade the office furniture in your San Jose conference room . Furniture for Conference Room

    Your furniture has multiple signs of damage.

    If your office furniture has tears, scuffs, holes, or broken hardware, then it is time for an update. Your conference room furniture should look and feel new to keep your employees and clients engaged. If you regularly host clients in your conference room—or you telecommute with outside employees and clients—then it is essential that your office furniture be free of wear and tear. It is also necessary that the conference room look and feel comfortable for your clients. Ensure that you have ergonomic and comfortable chairs to keep clients and employees focused on the business.

    Your team struggles for ideas.

    You may notice that your team of employees struggles to work together or struggles to find great ideas for new business content. This struggle could be the result of inefficient, uninspiring, and uncomfortable office furniture. If the conference chairs are hard and unsupportive, then your employees may dread sitting in the conference room. This negative feeling can affect how well your team works and creates ideas. If your team is struggling to do good work, then consider updating your office furniture.

    Your technology is outdated.

    Your technology can affect your conference room, and the meetings that occur, in several ways. For example, if your meetings focus on audio-visual presentations, then a typical conference table may not be the ideal layout. You may need to update your furniture to coincide with the way your company performs business. If your computer and digital technology is several years old, then consider updating it as well.

  • Comparing Various Types of Office Chair Materials: Pros & Cons

    Lumbar Support of Office Chairs in San Jose

    What Is Lumbar Support and Why Do I Need It?

    Back pain is a common problem for many adults. If you have started to notice that your back issues flare up after spending a day at the office, chances are that your work chair may not be providing you with adequate stability. A company that sells office chairs near San Jose can help you find a comfortable chair that provides proper support for your lumbar spine. Let’s take a look at what every office worker needs to know about the importance of lumbar support.

    Lumbar Support Stabilizes Your Lower Spine

    The lower portion of your back is known as your lumbar spine. These vertebrae have a natural tendency to curve inwards, especially if they are not provided with the proper type of support. With a chair that has been equipped with lumbar support features, you can stabilize your lower spine and prevent your vertebrae from getting pinched or otherwise irritated. If you do not have the correct amount of support from your office chair, your lumbar spine may have a natural tendency to slip into a potentially harmful position.

    Lumbar Support Can Offer Preventative Care

    Even if you do not currently experience lower back pain, it is still a good idea to purchase a chair that has been designed with a lumbar support system. Over the hours that you spend sitting in your office chair, sitting in an unsupportive posture can eventually lead to back pain. A chair with lumbar support will help to prevent many of the back issues that are associated with desk work.

    Lumbar Support Can Be Built Into Your Chair

    Rather than purchasing a separate support system for your existing chair, you may want to consider investing in a new office chair that has a lumbar support device built into its seat. With a built-in lumbar support system, you can rest assured that every aspect of your chair has been engineered to correctly stabilize your lumbar spine. After routinely sitting in a supportive chair, you may start to notice that your back pain symptoms are all

    San Jose’s Office Chair Supplier

    There are several types of office chairs and office chair materials available. Each material—mesh, leather, fabric, plastic, and wood—has its pros and cons, such as the potential to break down over time or irritate the sitter’s skin. Continue reading for a brief comparison of the different materials for office chairs in San Jose.


    Mesh has become a very popular material for office chairs. Mesh office chairs typically come in an ergonomic shape to provide support for the back. These types of chairs may have a cushioned seat or a mesh seat. Over time, a mesh chair may lose its shape, so it is best to purchase office chairs with a high-quality mesh material. Mesh is very breathable, but some mesh materials have been known to irritate the skin.


    Leather and faux leather office chairs are comfortable options, especially for those wanting a very cushioned chair. This type of material is not the most breathable, meaning the sitter’s exposed skin may stick to the material, but it is unlikely to irritate the sitter’s skin.


    Fabric is another material that could potentially irritate the skin, but it is very breathable. Fabric office chairs may be very comfortable to sit in at first, but over time the cushioning and fabric material will eventually begin to break down.


    Often used in waiting for roo

  • Shapes & Materials For Your Desk

    Choosing the Right Desk Surface in San Jose

    Desk Surface Material

    Though you may not have ever considered it, the surface of your computer desk in San Jose can affect your work. When it comes time to pick out a new office desk at your local office furniture store, you should pay special attention to the desk’s surface material. The surface material that you choose will depend upon your use for the desk, your budget, and your own personal aesthetics.

    The most popular type of surface material for office desks is laminate. Laminate consists of a wood core that is coated with a plastic finish. It is durable, inexpensive, and comes in a wide variety of colors, styles, and patterns. The most durable option for your desk’s surface material is metal or steel. Metal desks are typically very inexpensive and are ideal for long-term use in high traffic areas.

    If your office has an elegant, sophisticated aesthetic, you should consider buying a wood or veneer office desk. These desks are the most attractive, but they are also generally the most expensive and the most delicate. You can often find high-quality wooden office desks at used office furniture stores for a significant discount, however. Read our FAQs about Office Desks.

    Which Shape of Desk Should I Choose?

    Office desks come in a variety of shapes, each with their pros and cons. There isn’t a definitive answer that works for everyone, but considering how you work and what features you want in a desk will help make a selection. When you’re shopping for a new office desk in San Jose, keep this information about shapes in mind.

    U-Shaped Desks

    U-shaped desks surround your chair on the three sides. Because of the amount of surface space that U-shaped desks have, they are ideal for people with a large amount of paperwork or who have to work from multiple computer screens. They can also be useful for phone banks. The drawback of this desk shape is that it can be difficult to keep clean and organized for people who are prone to clutter, and they also require a lot of space. In a small office, a U-shaped desk may be too large for the room.

    L-Shaped Desks

    An L-shaped desk combines some of the best features of a U-shaped desk with the convenience of a smaller side. These desks have one extended side to give you extra space beyond the front-facing desk surface, but since they only have a single extended side, they take up less space than a U-shaped desk. The extra wing of the desk can still be used for paperwork, multiple screens, or storage, though some people find that the one side is not enough. Consider the size of your office and the number of items you need on your desk before choosing an L-shaped design.

    Corner Desks

    Corner desks are ideal for offices in which space is at a premium, such as home offices. They fit neatly into any corner, and because of the shape of the surface, you have extra storage room. A drawback of corner desks is that you must face the wall while working. If you have meetings at your desk, a corner desk won’t leave anywhere for your clients and coworkers to sit and face you.

  • Top 3 Tips To Give Your Office Filing System A Makeover

    If your office is cluttered with stacks of paperwork and other documents, this is a sign that you may be in need of a new filing system. After you have purchased new office furniture, including a set of filing cabinets , you will be ready to revamp your filing process. A company that sells office furniture in San Jose will offer the ideal filing cabinets for your workspace. To help you get started on the process of overhauling your current filing system, here is an overview of some tips for giving your office filing system a makeover. Tips for Office Filing System

    Collect All of Your Loose Documents

    The first step of creating an effective filing system for your office is to gather all of your loose documents in a single location. Your new filing system will be ineffective if it does not contain spaces for all of the different types of paperwork that may be floating around your office. Once you have collected all of your paper documents, you will be ready to start sorting them into piles.

    Create a File Labeling System

    Labeling is key when you are giving your office filing system a makeover. Without clearly defined labels, your filing cabinets could quickly fall back into a chaotic state after your filing system makeover is complete. To create your filing system labels, you will need to think of the different categories of paperwork that your office generates. By the end of your process, you should have a distinct label for each type of document.

    Separate Your Files Into Storage and Current Use

    While some types of paperwork may need to be accessed on a frequent basis, other documents may simply need to be stored for future tax seasons or other purposes. To create an effective filing strategy, separate your documents into those that can be stored, and those that are currently being used. Documents that are in storage should be placed in the back of your filing cabinet so that they do not clutter up your system.

  • A Look at Manners in the Workplace

    When you work in an office space , there will undoubtedly be times when you face dilemmas and have questions about practicing proper etiquette while at work. If you’d like to learn how to say no to requests without damaging your relationships with coworkers, then watch this video for advice on displaying good manners while at work in San Jose.

    One type of uncomfortable circumstance that you may find yourself in at work is being faced with outrageous requests. For example, if a coworker is collecting funds that aren’t related to a good cause or that you have no desire to contribute to, then you shouldn’t hesitate to politely decline.

  • How Should You Set Up Your Desk?

    Creating an ergonomic workspace can potentially increase your everyday comfort and productivity. If you want to optimize your workstation, then continue reading for tips on setting up your office desk in San Jose. A Man at the Work Desk

    Determine Your Natural Posture

    If you’re like many people who spend most of their day at a desk, then you may underestimate the toll that your posture can take on your body. To help maximize your comfort and productivity, consider your posture while setting up your desk. When sitting, your behind should be against the back of the chair, and the back of the chair should be supporting your spine. Also, sit with your feet flat on the floor and adjust your chair or desk height if necessary. This natural posture is one that you should be able to maintain in your permanent desk setup.

    Consider Mouse and Keyboard Placement

    After adjusting your chair and desk to suit your natural posture, move on to your mouse and keyboard. Both of these devices should be positioned so that your elbows remain at your sides at a 90-degree angle. If you’re straining to reach the mouse or keyboard, then move them closer to your body. Also, your keyboard should be positioned 1 to 2 inches above your legs, and it should tilt slightly away from you to match the slope of your thighs.

    Perfectly Position Your Screens

    The placement of their computer monitors is another place where people often go wrong when it comes to setting up their desk. First, position your monitor so that the tip of your middle finger touches the screen when you extend your arm. If you have 2 screens, then center them both if you use them equally, or center the primary screen and leave the secondary screen off-center. As for height, your gaze should rest at the address bar when you look straight ahead. To achieve this, you can adjust the monitor’s height using the built-in mechanism or place it on top of books. Finally, to help avoid eyestrain by reducing glare, angle the monitors slightly downward.

  • Avoiding the Afternoon Slump at Work

    The afternoon hours may mean that the end of the workday is approaching, but for many workers, it also means the dreaded afternoon slump. To overcome that feeling of post-lunch fatigue, start by making sure your office furniture is ergonomically designed and that your San Jose workspace is designed to support healthy posture, so you’re not exhausting your body by trying to overcompensate for poor positioning. Get more tips by watching this video.

    Your lunch could be the key to beating afternoon fatigue. Go light on carbs and sugars that can make you tired, and instead, load up on lean proteins and healthy fats. Try to get some fresh air and daylight to cue your brain to stay awake and not produce sleep hormones. When you’re feeling tired and overwhelmed, take a moment to breathe deeply and restore your energy, so you can return to work with a renewed focus.

    Tips To Avoid Afternoon Crash

  • What Your Reception Area Has to Say About Your Business

    When designing a reception area for an office space in San Jose, many business owners make the mistake of focusing primarily on the artwork, paint colors, potted plants, and lighting fixtures. Of course, these are all important touches. However, when a client first walks into your reception area, his or her gaze will automatically be drawn to the receptionist’s desk . It’s important to make a good first impression by choosing the right desk.

    The type of desk you choose for your reception area says a lot about your business. Law firms and financial advisors might prefer a stately or ornate receptionist’s desk to strike a formal tone. On the other hand, a chiropractor’s office might feature a simple, accessible desk that encourages a relaxed ambience. Regardless of which style you choose, it’s important to select a well-constructed piece of furniture that complements your overall décor and allows your receptionist to stay well-organized. Even the most ornate of desks won’t make a good impression if it is covered with clutter.

    Reception Area of an Office

  • Office Supply Organization: How To Tackle The Challenge

    Organized office spaces support greater efficiency and productivity. When it’s time to get your workspace in San Jose organized, consider starting with your office supplies. Watch this video to find out how an organizational expert keeps her supply closet in order. She strongly recommends designating just one area in your office space to serve as storage location for office supplies .

    In her closet, she groups similar items together, enabling her to find what she needs quickly and easily. You can use metal shelf units to hold printer paper, lined paper, colored paper, and letterhead. Designate a separate shelf for your mailing supplies, such as envelopes and tape. Your office space could also benefit from a drawer unit for holding odds and ends, such as paper clips and pens.

    How to Organize Office Supplies

  • How To Make Feng Shui Work in Your Office

    Everyone has long days once in a while, but the right layout of your office furniture in San Jose can help you stay focused as the day winds down. The principles of feng shui can help you make the most of your office space and design so you can put your best foot forward every day. Check out this video on making feng shui work in your office.

    Feng shui deals with the organization of your office space, and it helps to start by repairing anything that’s broken. Make sure your office desk faces the doorway so you can see who enters your office, and choose blue, red, or purple desk accessories. You can also consider placing a plant on your desk, but stay away from cacti. Add a few pictures of loved ones to the upper right hand corner of your desk to keep you comforted and motivated throughout the day.