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Furniture Consultation in San Jose, CA

The office furniture you choose affects both the aesthetics and the functionality of your business. An appealing and coherent office space will improve productivity and encourage customers to walk through your doors again and again. At West Coast Office Solutions, we are here to help you choose the perfect office furniture in San Jose, throughout the entire bay area, and beyond. Our free furniture consultation service gives you access to one of our knowledgeable employees, who will visit and assess your space to make customized recommendations based on your building’s style, your personal preferences, and your business needs.

Looking to upgrade your workplace with new office furnishings, but you need to get rid of the old furniture you are replacing? We will buy your used furniture! Contact our purchasing department by sending an email to kimwu375@yahoo.com and attaching photos of your used office furniture.

Factors That Affect Office Furniture Choice

When choosing the right office furniture for your workspace, there are several factors to consider. During your furniture consultation, our staff will perform a comprehensive assessment of your space and guide you to the best furniture choices based on the following factors:

  • The size and layout of your office will affect the furniture you should choose. Office furniture that is out of proportion with the space available can make your workspace look and feel cramped, uninviting, or underwhelming. Choosing office desks, chairs, and other pieces that are sized appropriately will fill up your space without limiting movement or functionality.
  • The color scheme of your office can also influence your ultimate choice of office furniture. Selecting furnishings with finishes and colors that blend well with your existing carpeting and wall color will create a coherent and visually appealing workspace that will improve employee and client comfort.
  • The type of business you run will also affect your office furniture needs. If your business is primarily a computing workspace, comfortable office desks and chairs will likely make up the bulk of your purchase. Businesses that require in-person client interaction will need to consider waiting area furnishings as well, such as reception desks, credenzas, and customer seating.

Benefits of an In-Person Consultation

At West Coast Office Solutions, we know there is no substitute for visiting an office space in person to determine its needs. Our furniture consultation service in San Jose is designed to provide you with the very best office furniture solutions by personalizing the recommendations you receive. Working with one of our staff allows you to take advantage of our extensive experience in the field of office furnishing, helping you to make the choices that best fit your building, your needs, and your budget to achieve a beautiful and efficient workspace that ensures your office furniture contributes as much value to your business as your employees.

West Coast Office Solutions carries new and used office furniture. You can reach us today at 1 (408) 957-8777 for more details about our free furniture consultations and free assembly.

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