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Conference Tables and Other Office Furniture in San Jose, CA

West Coast Office Solutions Answers Common Questions

In addition to your front lobby and production floor, conference rooms also benefit from having comfortable, functional office furniture to make staff or client meetings a breeze. If you’re unsure where to start when revamping your conference rooms, West Coast Office Solutions would be happy to help. Over the years, we’ve worked with clients who have conference rooms of all sizes and can confidently assist you in selecting your new office furniture in San Jose, CA. You’ll find answers to some of the most common questions we receive about conference room furniture listed below. Should you need additional information regarding our selection of desks and chairs, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Why should my business invest in new conference room furniture?

While you could conduct all meetings among your staff’s cubicles, this environment is not ideal because of distractions in the workplace. Investing in conference rooms ensures your employees give you their undivided attention during meetings, as well as ensures privacy if the meetings include sensitive information that must be handled discreetly. If your business has clients that regularly visit, having an inviting conference room gives you a place to make client presentations dazzle.

I want to revamp my conference room furniture. Where do I start?

The specific size and layout of your conference rooms will determine the type of office furniture you should choose. Selecting conference tables and chairs that are out of proportion with your available space will create a cramped conference room environment that will hinder your meetings. Once we’ve measured your available area during your free furniture consultation, we’d be happy to help you choose the ideal conference table and number of chairs that your room can comfortably accommodate. You may also wish to consider adding filing cabinets for document storage, power sources if you plan on using teleconferencing equipment during meetings, or other décor to give the room an appropriate feel.

Are there different sizes and shapes of conference tables available?

The conference table is the focal point of your conference room and should be selected accordingly. Important business decisions and negotiations will take place at the conference table, so it’s critical to select one that proportionately occupies the center of the room. You want your employees or clients to be able to get up and move around the conference room as needed during presentations. You also want your conference table to match the room’s design scheme, so the focus is always on the tasks at hand and not on ill-fitting office furniture.

Conference tables come in rectangular, square, oval, racetrack, and boat shapes (slightly curved with rounded corners or tapered ends) to match the shape of the room. If you have an elongated conference room, we recommend choosing a rectangular or oval-shaped table. If it’s a more intimate conference room, we may suggest a round or square-shaped table. A word to the wise: a rectangular table may help you emphasize the meeting’s leader during negotiations or presentations, which is why this is often the shape of conference table you’ll find in a boardroom. Check out our blog on conference tables by Pacific Coast to learn more about selecting the right type of conference table for your space!

Does it matter what type of material I select for my conference table?

Conference tables come in many materials, including wood, marble, steel, and glass depending on the tone you wish to set for your meeting space. The purpose of the conference room may dictate which conference table material would be best. For instance, a room used for employee training or team-building purposes is likely going to have a more casual feel than the one used to woo potential clients. Here are a few considerations regarding conference table materials:

  • Wood – A wood conference table is classic and presents a powerful image. There are many wood finishes and species to choose from depending on your budget. There’s a distinct difference to a walnut conference table versus an oak, maple, or cherry appearance. To cut costs, selecting an engineered wood or wood veneer also makes a popular material choice.
  • Laminates – Adding a laminate layer to your conference table will help it retain its luster, as laminates are low-maintenance and won’t fade in the sunlight.
  • Glass – Having a glass conference table can help your room feel more modern or help you make a large table feel smaller and more intimate if desired.

How many conference room chairs should I select?

No matter your conference room’s size or purpose, you want everyone present to feel included. The number of chairs will be dependent on the size of the room and conference table. You want everyone to have plenty of legroom, so they’re alert and comfy during your presentations. We recommend selecting ergonomic office chairs with controls for making adjustments to the chair height and backrest. If employees or clients are likely to consume snacks or beverages in the conference room, we’d also suggest considering stain-resistant fabric chairs or vinyl chairs that are easy to wipe before and afterward. Be aware that having only five people around a table meant for 40 may feel intimidating, while trying to squish 50 people around a table meant for 25 may feel cramped and unprofessional.

Do you offer furniture delivery or assembly services?

Yes, West Coast Office Solutions offers furniture delivery and assembly services for new and used office furniture in San Jose, CA and surrounding areas. Please contact us today at (408) 957-8777 to schedule a free furniture consultation to evaluate your conference room furniture needs in person!

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