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West Coast Office Solutions Has Cubicles & Panels for You

Looking for cubicles or panels to add to your office furniture? West Coast Office Solutions has quality used and new options to elevate your office space. Cubicles and panels allow you to customize your office space and easily change it when the team expands or evolves. Play with different layouts until you find the one that works best for your purposes and management style. When you choose us as your office furniture provider, you invest in long-lasting products from trusted brands. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with your new cubicles and panels for years to come. Do what’s best for your employees and your business. Invest in office furniture that will enhance everything you accomplish. Contact us to learn more.

Achieve Privacy and Productivity with Partitions

Open floor plans are becoming increasingly popular in the corporate world. They are more cost-effective than building individual offices and allow for more customizability. You can design the layout that best suits your team by arranging your cubicles, panels, and room dividers to help with workflow. Strategically-placed cubicles and panels can allow privacy for your employees while also putting those who need to collaborate near. Choose from our selection to ensure each cubicle is equipped with that your employees need to succeed. L-shaped cubicles can allow space for a computer, filing cabinet, and ample desk space. Some offices prefer more privacy-focused setups, while others design for collaboration. When you work with our team, we’ll help you find the office furniture that fits your vision, so your team can be at its most productive.

Our Cubicle & Panel Products

Your employees should benefit from their workspace. Increase their confidence and quality of work with custom cubicles, panels, and partitions. At West Coast Office Solutions, we offer cubicles with heights ranging from 34” to 85”. You can accompany your cubicle order with any combination of our add-ons, which include:

  • Tack boards
  • Flippery Door Cabinets
  • Desk-mounted pedestals
  • Coordinating accent fabric
  • Extra shelving
  • Transition tops

Everything Your Office Needs from Brands We Trust

From the office chair they sit in to get work done to the cubicle desk and panels that give them the space to do so, we have all the furniture you need to make your office successful. We supply desks, chairs, reception area furniture, conference tables, filing cabinets, storage solutions, tech benches, and more! All our products are available either used or new, depending on our current stock, so every business can access quality furniture and an elevated aesthetic. The way your office appears to clients matters, and the way your employees feel working in the space matters too. It’s crucial to have high-quality materials and furniture that amplify the success of your business and speak to your reputation as a company. Put your best foot forward with furniture from industry-leading brands such as Friant. We are proud to work with the best suppliers in the business to make your office space goals a reality.

Why San Jose Chooses West Coast Office Solutions

For years, we have served San Jose businesses in all their office furniture needs. Whether you are on a tight budget and looking for gently used furniture options or you’d like to revamp your office space with some new cubicles, we have the solution for you. We offer a huge selection of products which include styles from elegant and classic to simple and modern. There is truly something for every office at West Coast Office Solutions. We want to lift our community and do our part to support local businesses, and that starts with providing the best quality office furniture on the market at prices that fall within any budget.

We Provide Delivery and Installation

After you’ve found the perfect new furniture, the last thing you want to do is lug it back to your office and get it all set up and ready to go. You risk damaging pieces in transit, throwing out your back trying to lift heavy pieces, and getting frustrated over the instruction manual for how to put the thing together. Our team eliminates all that stress for each of our customers. We offer delivery and installation services on all the new and used office furniture we sell. Don’t worry about how you’re going to get your new cubicles through the front door. Our team of experts will get you all set up. We can provide all the new, used, or refurbished cubicles, panels, and patricians you need.  All you need to do is make your selection. We’ll take care of the rest.

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If you’re looking to spruce up your office furniture or increase your employees’ productivity with new cubicles, you’re in the right place. West Coast Office Solutions is here to assist you with any office furniture concerns that may arise. We have everything you need to furnish your business. Contact us today to inquire about our current inventory or learn more about how we can improve your space.

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