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Quality Cubicles in San Jose, CA

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Utilize all your available space with cubicles from West Coast Office Solutions. We can provide all the office furniture your San Jose, CA business needs. Give your employees a sense of personal ownership and pride with their very own cubicle and workspace. Choosing cubicles for your office layout promotes collaboration and communication across teams, making even limited space feel expansive. Of course, if you are going to set up your floor with cubicles, you’ll want quality office furniture to make the space both comfortable and productive. Our team can help you find the perfect cubicles, add-ons, and complementary furniture to keep your space looking and operating at its best. Call today to inquire about our cubicle inventory and how you can reimagine your office space.

Why Cubicles Instead of Offices?

Cost. In most cases, it’s that simple. Cubicles are less expensive than personal offices. Panels and cubicles are more cost-effective to install than the walls and doors needed to build offices. It is also usually a better use of space to erect cubicles. A typical office takes up the same amount of space as four cubicles. That means you can fit four times as many cubicles on an office floor than you’d be able to with offices. Cubicles have also become more popular as businesses encourage open floor plans. An open environment encourages collaboration and reduces the divides from team to team. It makes an entire floor of employees feel more like a cohesive unit, regardless of the team or product they’re assigned to. When you work with West Coast Office Solutions, we’ll ensure your employees never feel cramped or stifled in their cubicles.

What Are Your Cubicle Options?

One great thing about cubicles is that they are customizable by nature. We have a variety of standard setups to choose from, and we can help you design your own layout if you need to fulfill specific needs. Get the privacy your employees need without sacrificing desk and storage space. We offer built-in storage options and panels that can help tailor each cubicle to your needs. Our new cubicles are supplied by Friant, an innovative and well-respected leader in the office furniture industry. We are proud to work with them to provide our clients with the highest quality cubicles available on the market. Our office cubicle wall heights range from 34” to 85” depending on your needs. We also offer many add-on options, including any of the following:

  • Tack boards
  • Flippery Door Cabinets
  • Desk-mounted pedestals
  • Coordinating accent fabrics
  • Extra shelving
  • Transition tops

What Will I Need in Addition to Cubicles?

Of course, an office needs more than cubicles to operate efficiently. Luckily, West Coast Office Solutions offers additional office furniture to complement your cubicle layout. You can find the following, whether used, new, or refurbished, in our San Jose, CA location:

  • Office chairs
  • Desks and credenzas
  • File and storage cabinets
  • Reception desks
  • Waiting area furniture

Why Should I Choose West Coast Office Solutions?

Whether you need a few new cubicles or an entirely new suite of office furniture, you can trust West Coast Office Solutions to provide it all. We’ll work with you to meet your company’s needs on any budget. San Jose, CA businesses have turned to us over the years because we value the local businesses we partner with and always strive to do right by our customers. When you work with our team, we assist you every step of the way, from selecting new cubicles to delivering, assembling, and installing them in your office space. Each of the pieces we sell is of superior quality, whether it is new from one of our industry-leading suppliers, used, or refurbished. We guarantee any office furniture you buy from us will withstand the tests of time.

We’ll Deliver, Assemble, and Install Your New Cubicles

As if superior quality and low prices weren’t already enough. We include delivery, installation, and assembly in every furniture order we fulfill, free of charge. Your office furniture is an investment; we want to help you set it up, so it provides returns for years to come. Don’t worry about the hassle of transporting new cubicles to your office and pouring over an instruction manual trying to decipher how to put them together. When you work with our expert team, we help you through the process from beginning to end.

Give Us a Call to Find Out How We Can Help

If you are interested in introducing cubicles to your San Jose, CA office space, or you have other office furniture needs, we are here to help. We offer competitive prices, quality products, and superior customer service at every stage of the furniture buying process. Plus, we often run specials to help you save even more. Make the most of your next office furniture investment. Call today to request a free furniture consultation!

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