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Create Personalized Workspaces with Office Cubicles & Panels

Your Guide to Understanding Office Furniture in San Jose, CA

Unfortunately, not every building boasts enough space for every employee to have his or her private office. Office cubicles make a popular layout because they efficiently utilize your available space while giving your employees a sense of personal ownership and pride. A cubicle environment promotes communication and collaboration among employees, even those spanning different departments. Their open design concept makes even the most limited amount of space feel more expansive. Cubicle furniture is an important consideration, as you want your employees to be comfortable and productive. Among our extensive selection of new and used office furniture in San Jose, CA, West Coast Office Solutions can help you find the new, used, or refurbished office cubicles and panels you need. Please call or stop by our San Jose showroom to view samples – we also provide free furniture consultations in your office to help make the cubicle furniture selection process even more convenient!

Why should my business consider office cubicles versus offices?

Around since the 1960s, office cubicles have become one of the most popular layouts among modern offices (long before TV viewers were exposed to the antics of Michael Scott on “The Office”). The most straightforward answer why many businesses prefer office cubicles instead of offices is cost. It’s usually more cost-effective to install cubicles and panels instead of the actual walls and doors necessary to support individual offices. It’s also usually a more efficient use of your available workspace. Think about it: you can probably fit 200 cubicles across a large floor plan versus a fourth of that in private offices.

Cubicle walls and panels help create quiet work areas, while still encouraging an open environment of collaboration among team members. Cubicles give diverse departments more exposure to each other, which allows for easier cross-training and the potential for more career development opportunities as your employees learn about what other team members do day in and day out. Cubicles also make it easier for department heads to monitor their employees’ progress, resulting in improved productivity. Your employees shouldn’t ever feel cramped in their office cubicles. Let the professionals at West Coast Office Solutions measure your available space to help you achieve the optimum capacity for your new office cubicles and panels in San Jose, CA. We can also help you find ergonomic chair solutions for your employees – read our blog discussing how you can beat back pain by adjusting your desk chair!

Are there different types of panel and cubicle systems to consider?

There are many panel and cubicle system options available for your consideration, depending on your personal preferences and budget. Seamlessly blend efficiency and privacy with portable partitions. Your employees will have ample space for their computer and equipment, office accessories, and even a few personal items to make their cubicle feel more like home. Built-in file and storage options can help your employees easily sort and organize documents, while connectors ensure the sturdiness of cubicle panels. When installed correctly, our high-quality office panel and cubicle systems should be capable of withstanding just about any workplace disturbance throughout the workday.

What sort of options do you offer for office cubicles and panels?

West Coast Office Solutions offers office cubicles and panels from Friant, an innovative and well-respected leader in the office furniture industry. Our office cubicle wall heights ranging from 34” to 85” depending on your needs with many add-ons available, including any of the following:

  • Tack boards
  • Flippers
  • Desk-mounted pedestals
  • Coordinating accent fabrics
  • Extra shelving
  • Transition tops

What other considerations are necessary with office cubicles?

In addition to office cubicle and panel materials suitable for any office layout, West Coast Office Solutions can assist you in selecting many types of new and used office furniture in San Jose, CA, including all of the following:

  • Office chairs
  • Desks and credenzas
  • File and storage cabinets
  • Tech benches
  • Conference tables and chairs
  • Reception desks and waiting area furniture

West Coast Office Solutions offers office furniture from the top manufacturers for your satisfaction. Rely on our 10+ years of expertise to help you choose the best furniture for your office. Furniture selection doesn’t have to be stressful, even if you’re attempting to build a new business from the ground up!

Can you help me assemble my new office cubicles and panels?

Once you’ve found the right office furniture you need in our San Jose, CA showroom, we’d be happy to help you assemble it hassle-free in your office. Furniture delivery and installation are included. We offer competitive prices on both new and used office furniture, but we also offer specials to help you make the most of your next office furniture investment. Contact West Coast Office Solutions to request a free furniture consultation today with our friendly experts to get started!

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