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Need Panels for Your San Jose, CA Office?

West Coast Office Solutions Sells Quality Office Furniture

When you need a creative office furniture solution to divide and organize your company floor, turn to the experts at West Coast Office Solutions. We have panels and cubicles available to make your office layout dreams a reality. Whatever your budget, we can help accommodate your needs. We offer new, used, and refurbished panels in a variety of styles. Separate areas of the office or give your employees a little more privacy with specialty panels. Opting for an open floor plan that is divvied up with cubicles and panels is a more cost-effective and convenient option for most Silicon Valley companies. Plus, these open spaces help foster communication and collaboration, which is often hard to achieve with traditional offices. We can help you design the panel and cubicle usage in your space, so it can serve you best. Call today if you have questions regarding how to make your office as comfortable and productive as possible.

Why Are Panels a Good Option for My Office?

Panels and cubicles are a favorite option for many new offices in San Jose, CA and beyond because they are cheaper than building individual offices for each employee. They offer more flexibility than traditional offices do. Put up a temporary panel while your team is still growing or add paneling to cubicles that need more separation now but may benefit from collaboration later. Create a quiet, private work area that your employees can have a sense of ownership over without isolating team members to offices or blowing your budget. Panels make great dividers without inflicting a permanence that can be stifling.

How Can I Customize My Office Panels?

One of the most significant benefits of opting for cubicles and panels for their office floorplans is the customizability these options afford. When you build walls and doors to erect offices, it is much harder to rework the space as your business and team, grows and evolves. With panels and cubicles, you can customize your layout upon installation and then change the setup as you need to. We offer many different types of panels and cubicles that can allow for more storage space, desktop, or room for multiple monitors. We also offer add-ons to complement your panels and further enhance your employees’ space:

  • Tack boards
  • Flippery Door Units
  • Desk-mounted pedestals
  • Coordinating accent fabrics
  • Extra shelving
  • Transition tops

Why Do Businesses Choose West Coast Office Solutions?

When you need dynamic new office panels, you can trust West Coast Office Solutions to provide them and more. We work with each of our customers from start to finish to ensure they get the most out of their space and their new office furniture. If you are on a tight budget, we can steer you in the direction of our used and refurbished panels and furniture, which are just as high-quality as the new products we offer. We always stand by our competitive prices and help you find the best option for your business and your budget. Plus, we’ll work with you every step of the way, from selecting the ideal panels to delivering, assembling, and installing them in your office. We believe this process should be as stress-free as possible for you and your staff. That’s why San Jose, CA businesses have trusted us with all their office furniture needs for years.

Want Your Panels Delivered, Assembled, and Installed?

The last thing you should have to worry about when buying new panels or any sort of office furniture is the assembly. We don’t want you to stress over the installation of your new office furniture or get frustrated pouring over a confusing instruction manual. That’s why we offer delivery, assembly, and installation services to each of our customers. From your initial call to the installation of your new furniture, our team will work with you every step of the way. Your new furniture is an investment. It is important to us that you are set up for its longevity from the moment it enters your office. You can trust our experts to deliver, assemble, and install safely and carefully.

Call Today to Find Your Perfect Office Panels

If you’re in the market for new office panels, cubicles, or other office furniture, please contact our office today. We want to help your office aesthetic and functionality reach its fullest potential. That all starts with a free furniture consultation. One of our friendly team members will walk you through our current stock and how we can make your office dreams a reality.

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