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FAQs about Office Desks

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Your office furniture plays a significant role in the look and comfort of your office space. The right furnishings will improve the look of your office and encourage employee productivity. At West Coast Office Solutions, we offer a wide selection of new and used office furniture near San Jose to accommodate your office’s unique and personalized needs.

Why Should I Consider Used Desks?

Many people are hesitant to purchase used office furniture, but this solution can help you save money while improving your workspace. If you’ve fallen in love with a discontinued style of desk or want to purchase desks that match your existing older furniture line, used desks are the perfect choice for you. West Coast Office Solutions sells only top-quality used desks in like-new or gently-used condition.

Which Type of Desk is Best for My Needs?

Office desks are available in a variety of styles. Computer desks often include specialized storage for computing towers and cords, while an L-shaped desk will offer additional surface area for those who need plentiful horizontal space. Some desks offer built-in filing solutions, while others feature a minimalistic design suited to open and modern office spaces. When choosing the right desk for your needs, consider factors such as the function the desk will serve and the style of your office to guide your selection.

When Should I Purchase New Desks?

There are several reasons to consider new desks. During building renovations and company expansions, new desks can update the look of your office and provide a personalized workspace for new employees. If your current office furniture has fallen out of date or is in poor repair, new desks will refresh your space to improve the atmosphere in your office. Additionally, if your office has no set style or your current office furniture is mismatched, new desks can help you create a more visually-appealing and uniform environment.

How Do I Get the Most from My New Desks?

Caring for your new office desks will extend the lifetime of your furniture, regardless of whether you have purchased new or used furniture. Arrange your furniture in a way that maximizes the area of walkways to avoid damage from carts and other activity. Blotters and glass tops can help to protect the horizontal surfaces of your desks. Cleaning your office furniture regularly with products appropriate to the material will ensure your new desks stay in great shape, even after many years of use.

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