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Office Desks in San Jose CA

The desk has long been a staple of office furnishing, offering a convenient work surface for a variety of tasks. At West Coast Office Solutions, we are here to help you select the best office furniture for your needs, including desks, credenzas, and office chairs. Our selection of new and used furniture near San Jose can help you complete or update your office setting for improved organization, comfort, and aesthetics.

Selecting the Right Office Desk

Your choice of office furniture will depend on many factors, including comfort, aesthetics, and craftsmanship. Selecting the right desk will improve productivity while projecting a positive image of your company to others.

  • Function is one of the most important factors to consider when selecting a desk. Do you need a large horizontal work surface, or a small space where you will complete mainly computer work? More specialized tasks may require office furniture with additional features, such as tilting drafting tables for animation or design work and reception desks for office entranceways.
  • Size is another characteristic that will play a role in determining the best desk for your needs. It’s important to select a desk with ample workspace that will fit comfortably into the square footage of your office.
  • Style should also be taken into consideration when purchasing office desks—choose desks in keeping with the overall style of your building and other office furniture. Purchasing a desk that matches the style of your existing décor will tie your office space together for a more cohesive and professional look.

Popular Office Desk Styles

Certain office desk styles have remained popular throughout the years, thanks to their efficiency and visual appeal. Whether you are looking to furnish a large or small office space, West Coast Office Solutions has the right office furniture for your needs. You can reach us today by calling 1 (408) 957-8777 for more information about office desks and desk chairs near San Jose.

  • The Tanker desk is a vintage American desk design that originated in the mid-1940s. These industrial steel desks feature a large, flat top with a set of drawers on each side and plenty of space underneath.
  • Bureau desks originated in France; these desks feature a foldout front that serves as a writing surface and a bureau-like bottom for storage. Secretary desks are similar in style, but feature added storage in the form of shelving or a cabinet above the desk as well.
  • U- and L-shaped desks offer the benefit of a large horizontal working area. These desks are great for multitasking, as each portion of the desk can be dedicated to a different function.

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