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Frequently Asked Questions About File & Storage Cabinets

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While more businesses are learning about how cloud-based software can help with their file and storage needs electronically, there’s still a demand for physical file and storage space in many industries. West Coast Office Solutions provides various file and storage cabinet options to help you keep your business documents well-organized and secure. Whether you’re constructing a new office from the ground up or you’re making updates with new and used office furniture in San Jose, CA, we’d love to help. From wood bookcases and overhead cabinets to metal storage lockers and filing cabinets of all sizes and heights, we have something in stock to suit everyone’s style and budgetary requirements. Ask us about stand-alone office furniture or about the possibility of adding built-in file and storage space in your office cubicles.

Why should my business invest in new file and storage cabinets?

Whether you run an accounting firm, a graphic design office, or a factory warehouse, you need a place to store inventory, documents, and employee items during the workday. From full-length gym lockers ideal for coats and umbrellas to square lockers or cabinets that fit inside your cubicles that are suitable for lunches, handbags, or briefcases, we offer many customized office solutions. Medical offices especially benefit from having places to store patient files, medications, equipment, and office supplies. When your inventory is well-organized, it makes knowing when to reorder equipment and supplies that much easier, which helps you improve patient/customer service and inefficiencies in your workflow.

How can the right file and storage options improve my bottom line?

Investing in efficient file and storage furniture options can help you improve your business’ bottom line in more ways than one. Real estate is expensive in San Jose and elsewhere in California. Make the most of your limited space with streamlined file and storage solutions from West Coast Office Solutions, so not a single square foot of your floor plan is wasted. Don’t leave important or sensitive items to chance by storing them in an overcrowded drawer where they’re more likely to get lost. Many of our file and storage solutions have security options available, including built-in locks. From basic models that are wallet-friendly to more elaborate options, West Coast Office Solutions has something for everyone.

What sort of file and storage furniture options do you offer?

West Coast Office Solutions offers just about any file and storage furniture your office could want. Whether you need heavy-duty shelving units that are sturdy enough to hold bulky inventory or lightweight shelving suitable for documents or your employees’ personal items, we can accommodate you. Our file and storage options are customizable for your business’ unique needs. From bookcases to overhead cabinetry and shelving, mobile pedestals, four- and two-drawer lateral files, gym lockers, tech benches, and built-in storage cabinets, the possibilities are endless. Wheel your paperwork wherever you need it thanks to our mobile pedestals mounted on wheels. Carpet is no longer an issue, as our mobile pedestals can be moved across any surface without snagging and causing damage. Be sure to ask about our stackable file and storage options for the most compact storage ever.

Today’s sophisticated storage options even include incorporating file cabinets into attractive pieces of wood furniture that your patients or clients would never suspect of housing documents or other necessary items. Keep your items secure and out of sight for a safer, cleaner work environment that’s sure to boost your employees’ morale and productivity while impressing your clientele. Say goodbye to clutter, and hello to competitively priced file and storage options to maximize your office space today!

What brands of file and storage furniture do you recommend?

In our efforts to bring our customers the very best in new and used office furniture in San Jose, CA, West Coast Office Solutions has scoured the industry for the leading manufacturers. Our file and storage options include high-quality products from Phantom Manufacturing and Pacific Coast Furniture Distributors LLC. We offer a wide range of sizes, colors, and styles to help you make your workspace safe and user-friendly without being an eyesore. No matter your office’s specific layout, we’re confident we can help you devise the ideal file and storage system that will work for you and your employees!

How difficult are your file and storage options to assemble?

You needn’t ever worry about the hassle of furniture assembly when you choose West Coast Office Solutions. Furniture delivery and assembly are usually included for our customers’ convenience. Please contact us today at (408) 957-8777 request a free furniture consultation to see how we can assist your business by providing the ideal new and used office furniture, including desks and chairs, for your needs!

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