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FAQs about Office Chairs

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The right desk chair is an essential component of a comfortable and updated workspace. West Coast Office Solutions can help you select the perfect new or used office furniture for your needs, including desk chairs, computer tables, and other office furniture in San Jose.

Which Features Are Important in an Office Chair?

Style, comfort, and support are some of the most important features to consider when purchasing office chairs. You should select chairs that match the style of your desks and other office furniture, which will help your workspace look more sophisticated and coherent. However, avoid letting style overshadow comfort, particularly in an environment where employees spend long periods of time working while seated. Office chairs should offer support for the back and arms, as well as multiple points of articulation and adjustability to provide personalized comfort for each employee.

How Many Guest Chairs Should I Purchase?

If your office includes a waiting room or reception area, guest chairs provide a comfortable place for visitors to wait. The number of guest chairs you’ll need depends on several factors, such as the size of your waiting area, the average number of individuals the space must accommodate, and the amount of time people spend waiting. If your clientele includes families or individuals may spend a significant amount of time in your waiting room, you’ll need more chairs than if your reception area is rarely used or average wait times are short.

Will Rolling Chairs Damage My Carpet?

Office carpeting is a significant expense and you want your carpet to continue looking its best. Loop carpet, which has a “flat” appearance and is common in office spaces, is rarely adversely affected by rolling chairs. Cut pile carpets are more susceptible to wear from rolling chairs; purchasing office chair mats will provide the protection you want for your carpet, while also making movement in and out from the desk much easier in carpeted areas.

Do I Need to Care for My Office Chairs?
Office chairs require very little maintenance; however, regular care will prolong the lifetime of your investment. Wipe spills immediately and periodically vacuum plush or upholstered seats and backs to prevent dirt buildup in these spaces. Mesh chairs can be tightened over time using the web-tension knob to maintain support as the chair ages. All chair hardware should be inspected one to two times per year, and cleaned regularly to prevent rusting or deterioration that could hinder chair adjustments.

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