Tech Benches in San Jose, CA

Resolving Assembly & Packaging Needs

We Have The Lowest Prices On Tech Benches in the Bay Area!

Tech Benches are a great asset for assembling and packaging your goods for your consumers. Whether it is an assembly line or a stand alone need shipping counter, West Coast Office Solutions can assist you with your needs. We offer both new & used tech benches. New tech benches come in 6 sizes, have a H-brace for added stability & are white tops with blue frames manufactured by Phantom Manufacturing as follows:

  • PH627H 30″x60″ – $310.00
  • PH629H 36″x60″ – $340.00
  • PH631H 30″x72″ – $330.00
  • PH633H 36″x72″ – $350.00
  • PH635H 30″x96″ – $400.00
  • PH637H 36″x96″ – $450.00

For used tech benches, please call West Coast Office Solutions in San Jose at (408) 957-8777 to check availability and pricing as this changes constantly. We also offer stools for seating as tech benches are higher then normal desks so require higher chairs with rings to rest your feet on.

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