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Frequently Asked Questions About Tech Benches in San Jose

West Coast Office Solutions Offers Modern Office Furniture

Don’t rely on yesterday’s restrictive office furniture to accommodate today’s expanding needs. Clinging to past equipment and technology will only hold your business back and make you obsolete when compared to your savvier competitors. Count on West Coast Office Solutions to provide innovative new and used office furniture in San Jose, CA, including tech benches. Our tech benches and workstations will help bring your business into the modern age with user-friendly technical set-up and ergonomics in mind. Incorporating projectors, tablets, and electronic gadgets into your workspaces encourage employee interaction, which may inspire your team to develop the next big idea for your branding.

How is technology changing the type of furniture I need for my office?

Technology is always improving ways in which we live and conduct business. Having a computer in your office 35 years ago made you seem cutting-edge and was virtually unheard of if you owned a small business. However, smartphones and tablets developed in the past decade have revolutionized many industries, sometimes in unfathomable ways. More individuals than ever before are utilizing their advanced electronic devices to work from home or anywhere else. However, if your employees do still report to a physical office, those who spend a great deal of time on tablets and laptops have different workstation needs than those with desktop computers. Perhaps it’s time you considered sit-to-stand desks with adjustable heights or slim tables designed with additional surface space suitable for tablets, notebooks, and other electronic gadgets. Today’s office cubicles and panels need to be equipped with both regular and USB outlets, so your employees can plug-in lighting and their electronic devices while they work. Conference tables must be equipped with power sources so you can utilize teleconferencing equipment during meetings for presentations that dazzle your employees and prospective clients.

Why should my West Coast business invest in tech benches?

After being the celebrated toast of Europe for many years, tech benches are finally becoming more popular in North America. Many prefer tech benches over office cubicles because they allow for a more open office culture that fosters collaboration and teamwork. They’re versatile enough to offer seating in any office, warehouse, or laboratory environment, and tech benches can be customized to your exact needs. Tech benches help you create user-friendly workstations that accommodate your employees’ need for convenient access to portable technology while giving them ample room for the supplies and tools they need to be productive during the workday.

Available in various sizes and colors, tech benches can help you transform your office into a modern-day powerhouse of efficiency. Tech benches help reduce wasted floor space and make it easier to move your employees around as priorities change in the workflow. They’re especially ideal for laboratories that are often forced to scale up or down as their projects and funding change. Besides tech benches, West Coast Office Solutions also offers ergonomic chairs with adjustable sitting and reclining functions for improved employee posture and productivity in the workplace. Ergonomics are about so much more than just comfort. When your employees are made more comfortable, they’re able to perform their job tasks easier, also making them more productive and boosting their job satisfaction and morale. Be sure to read our blog discussing how you can beat back pain by adjusting your desk chair!

What kinds of tech benches do you offer in the Bay Area?

West Coast Office Solutions offers six sizes of new and used tech benches with H-braces for enhanced stability from Phantom Manufacturing for our San Jose and Bay Area clients, including:

  • 30” x 60”
  • 36” x 60”
  • 30” x 72”
  • 36” x 72”
  • 30” x 96”
  • 36” x 96”

Our tech benches have blue frames with white tops and will blend seamlessly with just about any color scheme in your office. We also offer a selection of stools with rings for your feet that make suitable seating options for tech benches, which are often higher off the ground than standard desks and chairs. Please contact West Coast Solutions to discuss tech bench pricing and availability. We’re confident we have something to suit every business’ price point in our wide inventory of new and used office furniture in San Jose, CA.

Can you assist with set-up for my new tech benches?

Although tech benches are relatively easy to assemble, West Coast Office Solutions can include furniture delivery and free assembly as part of our furniture services. To make shopping for new office furniture as stress-free as possible, we’d also be happy to visit your office to provide a personalized furniture consultation. In the office furniture industry for over 10 years, our team is also happy to share our expertise with our customers. Please contact West Coast Office Solutions today to schedule your consultation at your earliest convenience!

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